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message 1: by Benjamin (new)

Benjamin Mead I am looking for a GOOD novel about witchcraft. I've found a few here and there but it doesn't seem to be a crazy popular sub genre, so anything helps! I'm open to all suggestions. thanks, guys!

message 2: by Kylie (new)

Kylie (new-vogue-ravyn) | 113 comments When you say 'good', do you mean, 'scary', or 'literary', or just one that we enjoyed?

Off the top of my head, there's the classics like Rosemary's Baby, The Devil Rides Out, and To The Devil, A Daughter for Satanism. I know of a few books on my wishlist that would meet your requirements, but I've yet to buy and read them so would only know as much as an Amazon search would tell you. I can compile a list if you're interested though.

Witchcraft-wise, there's James Herbert's Once... which is 'proper' horror. I did a mini-dissertation on it, and as part of that process also read The Witches of Eastwick and a book called Weird Sister - they are not horror as such but I enjoyed them both.

Also Rob Zombie's The Lords of Salem covers both subjects, and is much better than the film version IMO.

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