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You just got out of class for the weekend. What do you immediately do?

A. Rush to the library and start studying. Exams are coming up in three months!
B. Go play a rough game somewhere, who knows what game though.
C. Go find some people to make fun with.
D. Sit in a circle of friends and braid each other's hair.

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Julia C.

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You now have a lot of free time on your hands, and you are trying to figure out what to do wit it... Exams are in a month, but you also want to have fun. What do you do?

A. Study.
B. Go have fun! Exams are a month away anyways. And I've been working hard for like ever! I deserve some fun.

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Julia A

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You have the opportunity to get your dream job! But on one condition, you won't get to see your family again. Which do you choose to take?

A. Family
B. Job

Write why you chose the answer you did.

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Julia A. Family

I would chose my family because they love me, no matter how chaotic and stressful they can be. The dream job could give me lots of new opportunities, but the cost is too much. Your family is always there for you, while you end up retiring from your job. Family brings support and love, while a job only can bring temporary happiness. Though it is a hard thing to give up my dream job, it would be much harder to give up my family. Though I may be very different, they still love me for who I am. Besides, my family lets me read while I'm with them, and at the job, you can't! I could learn more by being with my family-but not necessarily about normal things that you'd think. More like love. And if I had to give up my family, I'd basically be giving up love. And love is a horrible thing to give up.

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You just got your Hogwarts letter. The first thing you do is show your best friend. It turns out, she gets really jealous when she sees it. What do you do?

A. Talk sense into her.
B. Tell her that all will be okay and she'll have something amazing happen to her as well in due time.

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Julia Ohhh... That's a hard one....

B. I'd tell her something AMAZAYN would happen to her soon.

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Julia *cringes and waits for results* ;)

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