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Joanne Rock (joannerock) | 343 comments Mod

Author you’d love to hang out with: Jane Austen, Georgette Heyer, Sandra Brown. I'd invite them around for wine and have a gossip.
Book you’ve read over and over: The Grand Sophy by Georgette Heyer. Brilliant!
All-time favorite movie: I really don't have one. Is that weird? I think that's weird.
Show you binge watch: I prefer to read but I do enjoy crime shows like Chicago PD and Criminal Minds
Fashion/hairstyle you regret most: A perm about twenty years ago. I looked like a poodle on crack.
Favorite food: Sushi.
Dessert—first, last, or never? I can easily skip dessert but wine? Not so much.
Celebrity crush: I think Bradley Cooper is just too delicious.
Biggest hero: Christine Ammanpour. I think she's kickass.
Famous person you’d like to be for a day: Bradley Cooper's wife/girlfriend/significant other? ;-)
If you were a ghost, where would you haunt? Our local coffee shop. I'd mess with my mates *cue cackling*
Worst possible profession for you: Anything that requires patience and endless streams of people. And teaching. Ack.
Thing that keeps you up at night: My brain. It never shuts down.
Best childhood memory: When I was little I lived in a place called Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. At the bottom of our property was a game fence and beyond that a game reserve. We watched wildlife pass by, elephants, lion, buffalo. I thought every kid in the world had wild animals on their doorstep.
Best grown-up memory: After a lot of miscarriages and years and years of infertility, it was seeing my unborn son's strong heartbeat on an ultra sound machine.
Favorite holiday: I've been fortunate to travel quite widely with my husband but our best holiday was spent with our kids on Lake Malawi.
What makes you smile: My kids, now teenagers and their wicked sense of humour. I'm not sure whether to be proud or scared!
Dream vacation: Sailing to Antarctica with my husband on a tall ship.
Most unusual talent: I am incredibly good at singing badly.

message 2: by Daniela (new)

Daniela (destudio) | 5 comments :D. I love the quirky insight. now I know why I like reading Joss' books so much.

message 3: by Joss (new)

Joss Wood (wwwjosswoodbookscom) | 5 comments Thanks Daniela! *blows kisses*

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