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Genesis (Kingdom Come Series, #1)
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Wade Garret | 48 comments GIVEAWAY CONTEST!!!!

Best I could do so it will take some thought and time to complete; which will allow latecomers a shot and real fans to not get drowned-out by simple "click" enrollment or random drawing.

Should be fun.


Scenario: You're A Movie Director & this is the movie you must succeed at inorder to get to where you want to be...

Rules: Using the sample chapters found on Amazon, or w/e, assemble a unique cast to portray as many characters as you wish from GENESIS.

*I say as many because You Might Not have enough info in the sample chapters to cast characters who might only be mentioned but not seen.

*Photos are a must.

*Assembled cast must be PMd so all names and photos are easy for me to scroll thru and count. No needing to open images.

*Contest to run until 6/12/16
*NO LATER THAN THE END OF HBO's Game of Thrones episode.
*Will announce winner following week.

‪#‎Winner‬ gets Signed Copy.
‪#‎2nd‬ and 3rd get digital copies (epup/mobi) or other format if needed and available.


So, tell your friends (or don't if they're a threat) and good luck.

28 reviews on @amazon

Wade Garret | 48 comments Or if you'd rather buy it
$2.98 ebook
$10 print @ Black Bed Sheet Books



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