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☁ ℳisty ℳoonlit ℳemories ☾ (dreamsnitemarecrisis) | 2331 comments Mod
{JUNE 10-16}

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Anastacia (ana3) | 250 comments I'm on and active, or I will be if others start rping as well.

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Caroline (godwithus) | 26 comments same as me ^

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crunchylemon | 5 comments Hello!

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Anastacia (ana3) | 250 comments Anyone wanna rp?

chloe ; a ghost (chloedoewy) | 343 comments i'm like 25% active? maybe? or at least i'm attempting to reach some level of activity. i'm really sorry for being such a crappy responder, i'm going to try to be better in the near future.

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 †Emily† | 900 comments I want to be active and I will try but I cannot guarantee.. but I will try

☁ ℳisty ℳoonlit ℳemories ☾ (dreamsnitemarecrisis) | 2331 comments Mod
Okay, guys. Seriously. There are at least a couple of active people here. The training area should be active with replies from people and you should have taken part in the sponsor activities. If you're afraid of leaving a conversation with an inactive person, don't be. Make an excuse for your character to leave and go interact with someone who is probably also waiting on an inactive person. Please.

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