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message 1: by Rose (new)

Rose - Sadness pie soup - (richwhitetrash) Hey!

message 2: by j a m m e s (new)

j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Hey! I was wondering if we could do something like OC x Creepypasta character, if you'd like to be a female too we could do doubles

message 3: by Rose (new)

Rose - Sadness pie soup - (richwhitetrash) I'll be a guy. But I prefer OC x OC...

message 4: by j a m m e s (new)

j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Sorry then, I'm looking for s different type of roleplay....I'm not in the mood for a OC x OC roleplay right now

message 5: by Rose (new)

Rose - Sadness pie soup - (richwhitetrash) Okay.

message 6: by j a m m e s (new)

j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Actually, on second thought, I can do an OC x OC thing, I'm bored anyways

message 7: by Rose (new)

Rose - Sadness pie soup - (richwhitetrash) Okay. What theme? (I wanna be a serial killer!)

message 8: by j a m m e s (new)

j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Lol you can be one, I was also gonna be one

message 9: by Rose (new)

Rose - Sadness pie soup - (richwhitetrash) Yeah! Double serial killers! Should I make a simple or complex thingy?

message 10: by Rose (new)

Rose - Sadness pie soup - (richwhitetrash) Thingy as in character-creation-form

message 11: by j a m m e s (new)

j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Well mine will be complex, but you can do what ever you want

message 12: by Rose (last edited Jun 11, 2016 01:18PM) (new)

Rose - Sadness pie soup - (richwhitetrash) Basics:

Name: Marshall White
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexual orientation: Pansexual, hypersexual, aromantic
Nationality: American
Place of birth: Los Angeles, California

Physical Characteristics:

Height: 5"4
Weight: 120 lbs.
Eyes: One eye is bright yellowish-green, the other grey-blue
Hair: Blonde
Skin Color: He's extremely pale
Distinguishing features: He has extremely pronounced cheekbones and a scar across his lip. He has a sixth finger on his left hand.
Habits: He cuts herself, and is obsessed with harming animals or humans. He also has a bad habit of taking pills or drinking and waking up naked in pools of blood.
Hobbies: He enjoys reading horror novels
Favorite Sayings: "Stay wide awake."
Disabilities: Pyromania, insanity
Greatest flaw: His insanity
Best quality: His intelligence


Personality: Marshall is completely insane. There's no nice way of saying it. He loves the sight of death, blood and gets depressed if he hasn't harmed anyone. He has a affinity for starting fights, and hates being touched. Many psychotherapists have tried and failed to figure him out. And a few ended up dead.
Strengths: Physical combat, strategy games
Weaknesses: Talking with people, the fact he's COMPLETELY INSANE
Introvert or Extrovert: As introverted as one could be.
Goals: None. He loves his little bloody life
Fears: His own death
Likes: Other people's deaths, fire, silence
Dislikes: Loud noises, animals


Childhood: Marshall was born into to a teen mother living in a housing project. His father walked on him at a early age (He later found him and murdered him). His mother was deeply religious and he was forced into the abusive Mormon church. He was sexually abused by one of the heads of the church, and his mother turned her head. One night, he brought home a injured baby bird. He proceeded to gruesomely multilate it, and it eventually died of it's wounds. His mother found about this and accused him of being "satan-spawn". She looked him in basement for three weeks with nothing but tepid water and bread crusts to eat.
Teen years: After his mother found out he got his girlfriend Kimberly pregnant (via a date-rape), she finally kicked him out. The two moved into a trailer park and Marshall started working at a 7/11. But after she had the child in their bathtub, and he killed the baby with a baseball bat, she realized that he was... not sane. She tried to sneak out one night and he caught her. He then proceeded to slit her throat, have sex with her corpse and mulilate it. He left it on her parent's doorsteps with a note saying "She's a bitch. You want her back?". After this murder, he starting trolling the town for women to murder.


Siblings: Cedar August White (half-brother)
Spouse: None
Children: He's had children, but he killed them.
Parents: Delisha Jackson White (Mother, deceased after she came back to murder her for throwing him onto the street), Harold Grey White (Deceased)
Grandparents: Unknown, probably deceased
Relationship status: Single (for a reason!)


Favorite animal: He hates animals with a passion
Favorite flower: Anything wilted
Favorite food: Raw meat
Pet: All animals seem to run away from him
Theme song: 3 a.m - Eminem
Birthstone: Diamond
Chinese Zodiac: Rat
Astronomical Zodiac: Aries
Element: Fire

message 13: by Rose (new)

Rose - Sadness pie soup - (richwhitetrash) Okay. Here's a pretty damn complex (and twisted) profile.

message 14: by j a m m e s (new)

j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) I absolutely love him, can I marry him if it doesn't work out between him and my character? XD

message 15: by Rose (new)

Rose - Sadness pie soup - (richwhitetrash) YES!

message 16: by j a m m e s (new)

j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Lol, not sure my boyfriend would enjoy that though XD I'll post my character in a moment

message 17: by Rose (new)

Rose - Sadness pie soup - (richwhitetrash) Okay!

message 18: by j a m m e s (new)

j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) :: Identity ::

Name: Susanna Ross

Killer Name: Lucid Dreams

- Suzie ( Suggest you don't call her that unless you wanna get killed )
- Anna ( Wanna lose a limb, go ahead )
- Rossie ( Prefers to be called this )
- Lucid ( Prefer to be called this too )

:: Birthday ::

Gender: Female

Age: 17 years old

Date of Birth: October 31st, 1999
Date of Death: Decemeber 30th, 2015
Place of Birth: Dublin, Ireland
Place of Death: Creepypasta Forest
Time of Birth: 12:00 Midnight
Time of Death: 12:00 Midnight

:: Appearance ::




Hair: Soft, Shiny, Always clean, worn in a ponytail or is always down
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: Long, Curly sometimes, reaches to her waist
Eye Color: One is bright blue and one is bright, bright red
Eye Shape: Round
Height (Feet): 5'
Height (Inches) : 2"
Weight (Pounds): 129 lbs
Skin Tone: Clear, Fair
Scent: Blood and Forest
Body Build: Slim and Skinny, but packs so much muscles
Markings: Scars all over her face, body and you know, down there

:: Background ::

Personality: Lucid might be a little hard to get, she doesn't make friends easily and has been a personal Slendorman favorite, not only is she ruthless and rude in every single thoughtful way. But she can also kill with a quick flick of her wrist, there is nothing more hot then a girl who can kill with just a small twitch of a wrist. Lucid hates being talked to when she hasn't been up for very long and she doesn't like being talked to when she's about to go to bed, in fact to be honest, she hates being talked to at all unless it by her Creepypasta family. Lucid has a tendency however to treat Eyeless Jack, Laughing Jack and Sally with such niceness that you'd think she wasn't a ruthless and mean girl with a fantastic way to kill. Lucid loves the Jacks and Sally with all her dead heart, there is not doubt in anyone's mind that she would let her self be killed again for them both.


(view spoiler)
It was Halloween, and Marcus Ross and Kayla Ross were big on Christianity, meaning they believed in God and that anything that wasn't humane was the work of the devil. When Susanna was born, she was born during a storm in a Christian Hospital, it was thundering and lightening out, a strike of lightning appeared and the lights went out, a man appeared in the hospital room, after the nurses cleaned her up and gave her to her parents, another strike of lightning appeared and a second man appeared, one killed her parents and the other ran off with her. When she grew up to be the age of one years old, she was found behind a dumpster by a homeless man, a dog had found her and had begun to raise Susanna as her own. When police got ahold of her and the dog, they were put into child services as siblings, Susanna grew up in a foster home with the dog, who was happy to be with Susanna whenever they went somewhere. According to Social services, Susanna's foster family loved her.

(view spoiler)
Susanna was five when the rapes started, first it was her older foster brother, then her foster brother that was only fourteen and then her foster father was in on it. It went on for years and Susanna tried telling her mother, but she was quickly told to shut up and not tell lies about her family, she was twelve at the time, she then ended up getting pregnant one day, and to prevent herself from getting in trouble by her brothers and father, she told her mother that her friend had gotten her pregnant, which was true, but half the DNA had somehow come from her older brother. She ended up getting an abortion and someone ended up killer her friend, she never found out who, but soon she grew so angry at her foster family that she killed all of them. But here's a little unknown fact, ever since she joined the family, she tortured them, no matter when or who they were around, she always tortured them. She was getting raped, those were not lies, but she tortured them because she hated them, the dog never knew because he had been an outside dog since the first day she lived at that house. One night, Halloween to be exact, she had a angry look in her eyes as she glared up into the eyes of her older brother, she grinned up at him, " I thought at first I would spare you Big Bro, but then I thought, why don't I just kill the one who started all of this in the first place, wasn't your own mother enough?" And then she stabbed him right in the genitals, a thousand times before she stabbed him in the heart exactly fifty times, then she moved onto her other brother, she murdered him the same way and then moved onto her father. She took her time with him before moving onto her mother last, she tortured her for about a full year before killing her, after she killed her foster family she went ahead and got her dog, she then put on a fake scared face and went outside, her dog was whimpering, not because she killed her family, but because he thought she was hurt. Someone found them and called the police, it took the police months to find out what happened to her family, she was sent to prison with her dog, it was a little weird that they let her keep the dog, but the found out she had an extreme medical condition that ruined her heart, it was an newly discovered medical condition.

(view spoiler)

Susanna was in prison, she was fourteen years old, her dog rested at her side on the bed she currently slept on, her snores echoed her cell, her cell mate just did not care, in fact he was in for the same reason. When Susanna woke up her dog was growling, her cellmate had been murded and a man stood in the cell doorway, " What the hell do you want and who the hell are you?" Susanna demanded. The man never answered, he just picked up Susanna and her dog and then raced out of the prison, officer's shot at them, but missed, he man then set her down on the ground once they were far from the prison, he took off his eyepatch and handed her his weapons, he took the form of her and made a replica of her dog appear, " Run, don't ask any question, just run!" The man yelled in her voice.

She did as told and ran, her dog following her without any pause in his step, Susanna went on to live in a town that didn't know who she was and didn't care about her past, here she became even more ruthless and more mean, people loved her, but they didn't like her personality, which resulted in her hating herself, she began having dreams weird dreams. When she wakes she remembers everything and grows curious, and then she acts them out, she goes out and starts killing people, when she kills them she only flicks her wrist and the sword she uses just enters their body and cuts the body clean without a single problem. When she kills them, the people she kills are in a state that they have said made them look like they were in a dream, resulting in her getting the name Lucid Dreams. She ran away from the town and she was chased down by the chief of the town, when finally caught she was raped and then killed, when killed she heard weird noises as if the people who killed her were being killed, it was morning when she "woke" up, and she woke up, her body was naked and she was covered in scars, she looked around and found some clothes that had been set up for her, there was no note but she picked them up and changed into them, she relaized she didn't have a left eye, but she didn't freak out, instead she used the eyepatch and covered it, she found bandages too near the clothes and began wrapping up the badly bleeding wounds. When she was finished she turned around to find a octopus like man thing with no face waking up her dog, when the dog woke up it ran toward her and jumped into her arms, it licked her face. " Greetings, My name is Slenderman, it's a pleasure to finally make your acquaintance Lucid," the Giant no-face said. Lucid was then brought to a house where a bunch of other killers lived, there she grew up and some even helped celebrate her birthday, she became great friends with the Jacks and became great friends with Sally, and Jeff the Killer who had a visible crush on Lucid, since he follows her around like a lost puppy. But Lucid isn't exactly looking for a relationship yet. You could say she's a little insane, and you'll find out she's insane when you meet her.

- Killing
- Blood
- The taste of Blood
- The Screams of her victims
- People
- Hearts
- Love
- Killing
- Family
- Her dog
- Love
- Family
- Blood
- That she will die for good
- None, she can't keep a damn secret from anyone
- Are you new? She had none

:: Family ::

Mother: Lucy Ryans
Father: Darren Ryans
Foster Mother: Fiona Ross
Foster Father: Brandon Ross
Sisters: Jenna Ross
Brothers: Tyler Ross ( Older Brother ), Kyle Ross ( Second Oldest )
The whole Creepypasta family
Enemies: People
Mad - He's a rather large Black furred German Shepard, he has red nasty eyes and scars covering his entire body. Everyone is afriad of this dog, because they know he used to be the protector of Satan, but was casted to earth to protect Lucid after she was born.

:: Sexual Orientation ::

Sexuality: Heterosexual
Crush: Doesn't have one
Relationship Status: Single for a damn reason

:: Other ::

Weapons: Twin Swords and Twin Knives


Zodiac: Scorpio
Species: Slenderman Proxy/Killer

message 19: by Rose (new)

Rose - Sadness pie soup - (richwhitetrash) Awwwweeeeesome! How should they meet?

message 20: by j a m m e s (new)

j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Maybe it's at night and they run into each other when they go after the same victim and they maybe start fighting over the victim?

message 21: by Rose (new)

Rose - Sadness pie soup - (richwhitetrash) How about one finds the other's victim's dead body?

message 22: by j a m m e s (new)

j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) How would that make them meet?

message 23: by Rose (new)

Rose - Sadness pie soup - (richwhitetrash) So Marshall kills some women, and Lucid finds the body before he could touch it. So she looks around for whoever did it.

message 24: by Rose (new)

Rose - Sadness pie soup - (richwhitetrash) Or vice-versa

message 25: by j a m m e s (new)

j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) well that's a little confusing, so you're saying, he kills a woman, he leaves it there and Lucid finds the body, lets say she was about to kill the woman, so she goes in search for whoever killed her victim?

message 26: by Rose (new)

Rose - Sadness pie soup - (richwhitetrash) Yes.

message 27: by Rose (new)

Rose - Sadness pie soup - (richwhitetrash) Basically

message 28: by j a m m e s (new)

j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Okay, can you start us out?

message 29: by Rose (new)

Rose - Sadness pie soup - (richwhitetrash) *Marshall grinned. The night had been everything he hoped for. His blind date was now lying dead with a slit throat. He produced a hacksaw and started trying to cut off her breasts. As blood splattered onto his pale face, he smiled even wider. If anyone saw him from a distance, they would discribe him as a kid in a candy shop.*

message 30: by j a m m e s (new)

j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Lucid was waiting for her new "friend" to meet her at a bar, she was able to pose as a twenty two year old despite her small figure, she sighed and shook her head as she checked the time, her victim was suppose to be here an hour ago, but had not appeared, she went out to look for her.

message 31: by j a m m e s (new)

j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) (( meep ))

message 32: by Rose (new)

Rose - Sadness pie soup - (richwhitetrash) ((moop)

message 33: by Rose (new)

Rose - Sadness pie soup - (richwhitetrash) Marshall heard footsteps behind him and looked up. He sprung to his feet and soon took refuge behind a large milk crate. It would really ruin his night if he ended up in prison.

message 34: by j a m m e s (new)

j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Lucid stopped when she found a dead body, she sniffed the air and growled, " Are you fudging kidding me," Lucid growled, " If Jeff did this, I swear to god that little love struck puppy is gonna lose a limb," Lucid said as she moved forward, closer to the body.

message 35: by Rose (new)

Rose - Sadness pie soup - (richwhitetrash) Marshall looked from his hiding place and saw Lucid. He sighed. She didn't appear to be anything he needed to worry about. Maybe he could even pull off a double event....

message 36: by Rose (new)

Rose - Sadness pie soup - (richwhitetrash) ((Here's a link for what he looks like. HTML is giving me some serious flack. http://imgur.com/LKznhh4

message 37: by Rose (new)

Rose - Sadness pie soup - (richwhitetrash) ((and I gtg)

message 38: by j a m m e s (new)

j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Lucid growled and soon a dog appeared at her side, it was tall, and it reached her shoulder, it nuzzled her as if it wanted her to calm down, she pushed it away, " No Max, who ever killed my victim needs to pay, she switched from her fake appearance to her real one, an eyepatch covered her eye and her other eye turned bright blue, weapons appeared on her body, she grabbed her two swords and yanked them from her place, she sniffed the air. " I smell male DNA," Lucid growled and Max got into a fighting stance, sniffing the body and then sniffing the ground.

message 39: by Rose (new)

Rose - Sadness pie soup - (richwhitetrash) Marshall's breath caught in his throat. So much for fighting fire with fire. He reached around and grabbed his hacksaw

message 40: by j a m m e s (new)

j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Max sniffed around until he found Marshall, he growled and lifted his head, seeming taller as he did, his eyes glowed red as he growled at Marshall. Lucid glanced over at Max, " What did you find boy?" Lucid asked as she came over to her dog.

message 41: by Rose (new)

Rose - Sadness pie soup - (richwhitetrash) ((Side note: Should I go make a thread for our MxM?))

message 42: by Rose (new)

Rose - Sadness pie soup - (richwhitetrash) Marshall felt a strange feeling in his stomach. Was it fear? He didn't know, but if he could even be scared, he was now.

message 43: by j a m m e s (new)

j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) (( Yes please ))

Lucid laughed, " Oh Max you found this thing, Slenderman said he's an okay person," Lucid said, she then grinned evilly, but he did say I had permission to kill him if he went after my victims," Lucid said. "You have a name, what is it?" Lucid growled as she pushed him against the wall without any warning and held her sword against his neck.

message 44: by Rose (new)

Rose - Sadness pie soup - (richwhitetrash) Marshall was stunned. He calmly drew his hacksaw, but it slipped out of his hand and fell on the ground with a clatter. "Marshall." He stated, not a hint of expression in his voice

message 45: by j a m m e s (new)

j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) " Why did you kill my victim? She was mine, I have a process and I was going to kill her today, so why did you kill her?" Lucid growled looking up into his eyes.

message 46: by Rose (new)

Rose - Sadness pie soup - (richwhitetrash) He laughed "Your victim? I was the one who I slit that bitch's throat." He hissed

message 47: by j a m m e s (new)

j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) " Again, Marshall, I have a process, this bitch was just a longer one, dumbass blonde is actually smart," Lucid said as she let Marshall drop, " Your not worth my swords or knives, just don't come near me or my victims again," Lucid said as she began walking away, " Oh, and the names Susanna, but call me that and you'll end up dead, so call me Lucid Dreams," Lucid said before vanishing.

message 48: by Rose (new)

Rose - Sadness pie soup - (richwhitetrash) Marshall stumbled away from the wall he was pinned against. His heart was pounding. What the hell had just happened. Probably just his brain playing tricks on him. He knew that sometimes happened. Sometimes he heard voices, other times he swore he saw things others couldn't. But this felt strangely... real

message 49: by j a m m e s (new)

j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Lucid grinned when she saw him, that's always how people felt around her, it was her thing, it always happened when she was about to kill someone, but she spared Marshall. Lucid then ran away with Max at her side before Marshall detected her.

message 50: by Rose (new)

Rose - Sadness pie soup - (richwhitetrash) (I gtg)

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