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Ema (gee-fiera) Gerard doesn't talk. Most just think he's weird, and tease him for it, but that just makes it all so much worse. See, Gerard has selective mutism. He can't bring himself to talk, unless it’s to his parents, or his little sister Thalia. He just can't change it. No matter how much he wants to. So he writes. It’s the only way to get his voice out.

Pietro is the opposite. Loud, abrasive, and a little annoying, most are tired of Pietro after the first meeting. He doesn't care much, he's never cared what others think. But when he meets Gerard through Thalia, he finds himself caring a lot more than he's used to.

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Ema (gee-fiera) [be honest with me, but don't be rude. i can handle criticism, but i cannot handle rudeness + will likely cry and/or feel like utter crap if you are rude about my writing]

Gerard was fourteen when he stopped talking.

It wasn't a vow of silence or anything like that, though. He suddenly seemed unable to talk, even when he wanted to. It confused him. He tried to talk, to his parents, to his sister, to his friends. But he couldn't.

The therapist he saw had an explanation: Gerard was selectively mute. “It likely stems from anxiety,” she said. “You can still communicate when you need to, though, you can learn sign language.”

Over time, Gerard began talking to his parents some, and his little sister. But he never spoke aloud to anyone else. He carried around notebooks, and he and his family the few friends he had learned sign language so he could communicate.

But nothing was the same.


To say that Gerard became a recluse would be an exaggeration. He just became even quieter, more withdrawn. He hadn't had many friends anyway, and now he had even fewer — no one wanted to befriend the kid who couldn't talk. He said he didn't any more. He had his sister, he had Raya, he had Ben, that was all the friends he needed.

He threw himself into writing, calling it a way to let people hear him, nearly perfecting the talent he already had. It was good for him, or at least that was what his therapist said.

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