Children's Lit Summer 2016 Grad White discussion

Accepting Differences and Diversity Set--Gr. 1

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Lori Irvine | 8 comments Gaston
Dog vs. Cat
Peas in a Pod
Rationale for Book Collection
Text Set- Accepting Differences- Gr. 1
I chose these four books using the Titlewave database. I wanted to expand on my first book selection book, Gaston. I liked the way this book gently showed the diversity within a family and the acceptance of each others differences. I would read the titles following this order, Gaston, Dog vs. Cat, Froodle, and then Peas in a Pod, to develop the theme of acceptance and differences within a family or group. When I searched for titles to go along with this theme, I also made sure that each title had good reviews by reliable sources such as, School Library Journal and Horn Book. There were many other titles that I could include in this set that could continue the theme and broaden the ideas of diversity and acceptance.

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Kristy (kristyganow) | 15 comments Hello, Lori! I just thought that I would give you a hint that you are supposed to create a virtual bookshelf and add your opening moves reviews there for each individual book! :) I like that you are jumping ahead into our diversity topic! You are getting a head start for next week! Way to go!

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