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message 1: by Leila (new)

Leila Summers (leilasummers) | 11 comments I have read GR policies about book covers and creating a new edition if you want to update to a new book cover etc., however, my book cover is EXACTLY the same except for the addition of an award seal. So I do not want a new edition of the book (which it isn't), all I want is for my book cover to include the seal. This is such an achievement for an author, that I think we should be able to 'show it off' :)

I went ahead and uploaded the new image alongside my book cover (even though it said not to) and all I need is someone to delete the book cover image without the seal and replace it with the new image I uploaded.

Please tell me this is as easy and possible as it should be...

Here's the book -

Thank you so much in advance!
Leila Summers

message 2: by Arenda (new)

Arenda | 19904 comments A seal on the cover does qualify for an alternate cover edition.
Any change in the cover, no matter if it is a small detail or a whole new cover, is considered a new cover.
For the policy see:

Alternate-cover edition added here:

As the author, you have the ability to change which edition of the book is the default, which will come up in searches by title and show on your author profile.
How to set the default edition.

I've also removed the cover from the additional photo section of the book page, as that is not intended for covers.

message 3: by Leila (new)

Leila Summers (leilasummers) | 11 comments Thank you for sorting it out so quickly!

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