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message 1: by Willa (new)

Willa Valentine (paper.seas) (paperseas) hello :) thanks for the invite

message 2: by Willa (new)

Willa Valentine (paper.seas) (paperseas) cool, cool!

message 3: by Ema (new)

Ema (gee-fiera) Hey cinnamon! Thanks for the invite!

message 4: by Ema (new)

Ema (gee-fiera) I'm good! How are you?

message 5: by Ema (new)

Ema (gee-fiera) I can't invite rn, as I'm on mobile. But cool!

message 6: by Ema (new)

Ema (gee-fiera) Let me know if you need any help!

message 7: by Ema (new)

Ema (gee-fiera) No problem!

message 8: by Astra (new)

Astra  (sayomina) Hey! I love writing so this should be fun.

Thanks, Willa, for the invite!

message 9: by Willa (new)

Willa Valentine (paper.seas) (paperseas) No problem! :)

message 10: by Ema (new)

Ema (gee-fiera) Just a btw, bc I know there was something about this mentioned in the rules and I wanna get it out of the way, my pronouns are they/them. Nothing else unless I request it. Thanks!

message 11: by Willa (new)

Willa Valentine (paper.seas) (paperseas) OK! :)
My pronouns are she/her.

message 12: by Astra (new)

Astra  (sayomina) My preferred personal pronouns are she/her. I am fine with they/them/he/him though.

Also, I mostly write original fanfics as a forewarning.

message 13: by Willa (new)

Willa Valentine (paper.seas) (paperseas) @Astra what fandoms do you usually base them off of?

message 14: by Ema (new)

Ema (gee-fiera) Oh yeah, I'm mostly writing fanfiction rn too. That might be good to mention.

message 15: by Astra (new)

Astra  (sayomina) Mostly Bat family though I have an idea for a Doctor Strange and possibly a Doctor Who one. I also have a couple crossovers up currently. a bat and Avengers then a bat and HP

message 16: by Willa (new)

Willa Valentine (paper.seas) (paperseas) Oooh, exciting! I'm definitely up for reading any of those :D

message 17: by Astra (new)

Astra  (sayomina) The link to my fanfic profile is on my goodreads profile

Lyd's Archive (7/'15 to 6/'18) (violabelcik) | 42 comments hello :)
I'm working on a Hamilton/Great Comet of 1812 weird musical fanfic series that may also involve cat-people, and with appearances by characters from In the Heights, Heathers, and potentially Les Mis. I also have a few originals and a few ideas without plots

message 19: by Ema (new)

Ema (gee-fiera) Hello :)

message 20: by Ema (new)

Ema (gee-fiera) Also! I have a reading/writing blog over at

message 21: by Astra (new)

Astra  (sayomina) Hey!

message 23: by Ema (new)

Ema (gee-fiera) Hi Cassie!

message 24: by Willa (new)

Willa Valentine (paper.seas) (paperseas) Hey Cassie!

message 26: by Astra (new)

Astra  (sayomina) Hey, Cassie!

message 28: by Willa (new)

Willa Valentine (paper.seas) (paperseas) *hugs*

message 29: by Astra (new)

Astra  (sayomina) *Hugs*

message 31: by Willa (new)

Willa Valentine (paper.seas) (paperseas) *GROUP HUG*

message 32: by Ema (new)

Ema (gee-fiera) Woo group hug! *dives in*

message 33: by Willa (new)

Willa Valentine (paper.seas) (paperseas)

message 34: by Willa (new)

Willa Valentine (paper.seas) (paperseas) ikr

message 35: by Astra (new)

Astra  (sayomina) Lol

message 37: by dany (new)

dany (elothwen)
Hey guys! I'm Dany, and I've been writing "officially" for about four years. Of course as a minor nothing has been published (or finished for that matter) but you know! My pronouns are she/her and I mostly write original works but I do some ao3-specific fanfic.

message 38: by Willa (new)

Willa Valentine (paper.seas) (paperseas) Heya Dany!

message 39: by Ema (new)

Ema (gee-fiera) Hi Dany!

message 40: by Ema (new)

Ema (gee-fiera) YES!!!!

message 41: by Ema (new)

Ema (gee-fiera) Beta most definitely, I really need one for the last chapter of my fic and I don't want to spoil the ending for my friends :)

message 42: by Ema (new)

Ema (gee-fiera) I think that would be good

message 43: by Ema (new)

Ema (gee-fiera) Glad to help out a little :)

message 44: by Ema (new)

Ema (gee-fiera) No prob!

message 45: by Ema (new)

Ema (gee-fiera) Night!

message 46: by Astra (new)

Astra  (sayomina) LOKI!!!

message 47: by Ema (new)

Ema (gee-fiera) Dang that's a lot of shouting....

Lyd's Archive (7/'15 to 6/'18) (violabelcik) | 42 comments I kind of want to talk about an idea that I have which I'm not ready to submit for critique because I want to research it first. In it, there is a parallel universe like Earth except with magic, and the people are always at war. Due to this, a bunch of the people fled through portals to Earth and spread their magic to a handful of people there. Since not all the people in parallel earth have it, they need all the magic they can get, so people are recruited to come to parallel earth and help fight the war. One of these people is a seventeen-year-old noblewoman in 1812 Moscow and from there I'm not exactly sure what should happen.

message 49: by Willa (new)

Willa Valentine (paper.seas) (paperseas) Maybe she has her memories wiped, so she thinks she's always lived there, and slowly remembers with the help of a memory-eraser who felt sorry for her? And then she remembers who he is and hates him? Then she later realizes the mistake...

message 50: by marthie ! (new)

marthie ! (marthie) | 17 comments hey willa thanks for the invite
this is honestly the sort of group i needed right now because i don't feel like roleplaying but i want to improve my writing, i'm excited to be a part of this.

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