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message 1: by Jenni Elyse (new)

Jenni Elyse (jenni_elyse) | 1264 comments Today’s prompt is a character who you relate to the most. Readers always talk about wanting a character you can related to. Otherwise, they won’t like the book.

Let me posit this. Can we really relate to any of the characters we read in books? Do we really even want to? Characters’ lives are so messed up. Oftentimes, they live in awful circumstances or are fighting evil. Or, their lives are so fairytalish that our lives could never be like that because this is real life. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to live the same life characters live (other than the fairytale romance ones). Sure, I’d absolutely love to do magic like Harry and his friends, but I don’t want to face Voldemort. And, you can’t have one without the other.

For the sake of this prompt, though, I’m going to choose Bella Swan. Cringe, roll your eyes, do whatever you want, but she’s really the only one I can think of that I relate to the most. Why? Because I often don’t feel like I belong or fit in. I feel like I’m out-of-sync with the rest of the world. I guess I’m just waiting to be turned into a vampire so I can show the world who I really am, lol.

Which character do you relate to the most?

message 2: by Susie (new)

Susie | 4488 comments I'm going to say Jack Irish from the Peter Temple series. It's set in Melbourne Australia, my home town, and although I'm not an ex-lawyer, I am a social worker who has done a lot of outreach work in the same areas that Irish works and lives so I feel like I know his every move when I read his books.

message 3: by Jenni Elyse (new)

Jenni Elyse (jenni_elyse) | 1264 comments Lol. I guess not many people relate to the characters they read.

message 4: by Blueberry (new)

Blueberry (blueberry1) Hmm, the only person I can even remotely think of is Anna Pidgeon in the series by Nevada Barr because she works for the naional parks which I love.

message 5: by JoLene (new)

JoLene (trvl2mtns) | 1532 comments Yeah, that was a hard one!! I'm not sure that I really think of any even though I might relate while reading.

message 6: by Nicole D. (new)

Nicole D. | 1470 comments Impossible to answer .... When I read stories, I generally put myself in the shoes of every character I'm reading.

I've been King Arthur, and also Guinevere (And Merlin, and Lancelot)
I've been Esther Greenwood and Seymour Glass
I've been Tyler Durden and Sybil
I've been Jen Lancaster

In some way, I've related to them all.

I didn't relate to Oscar Wao or Piscine Patel. I may have related to Richard Parker because I too wanted to kill the kid. Not for food, but to shut him up.

message 7: by annapi (new)

annapi | 4855 comments Hard one, and I've never really thought about this. Off the top of my head I will say Taran of the Chronicles of Prydain. I felt his desperate need to be a hero, a man, to be something more than what he is and failing at it. I admired his ability to acknowledge his failures and keep going at it, doing his best, and how he soldiered on despite despair, even when he thought failure was imminent and there was nothing more he could do. How he failed at doing what he knew was right, then eventually doing it. How even when because of his failure he was too late, and continued to live life even as he despised himself, and thereby finding himself in the end.

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