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Apply to be a mod.

Why do you want to be a mod?:
Moderating Skills?:

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Name: Elizabeth
Experience: 31 groups
Why do you want to be a mod?: I would like to be a Moderator of this group because I really like the idea of this group and I want to make it grow. I was going to make a group like this, but you beat me to it. I believe that great minds think alike and if we put our heads together this could be a really successful group.

Moderating Skills?:
-Deleting Spam
-Constant Activity
-A Lot of Experience

I've always had a idea in my head that you don't have to go after. What if the commoners and the royals switch spots? They could either switch bodies or roles.

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Name: Aliya
Experience: 18 Groups
Why do you want to be a mod?: I don't want this group to die, and have a read a book with nearly the exact same plot (Kill me Softly, Sarah Cross) and am experienced with fairytale RP's. Also, it needs more improvement and popularity which I can give it.

Moderating Skills?:
-Making Topics
-Inviting People
-RP Experience
-I can help out loads
-Making sure everyone follows the rules
-Making sure everyone is active

Idea?: I was thinking doing newsletters...but towards the RP I was thinking we could do this Olympic like event (certain ones for the boys and girls) where they will be split into teams based on their parents and compete in events. For the boys, more athletic stuff, and for the girls more...girly stuff. Also some mass rivalries and cliques. For the people who want to leave the school they could get their heads together and plan a mass breakout.

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Name: KaleyMarie
Experience: five groups
- Through the Looking Glass
- Blade of Aureola
- Ever After Land
- Warriors: the Future of the Clans
Why do you want to be a MOD?
1.) I love helping people
2.) for more experience as a MOD
3.) I absolutely love the theme for this group and would like to help make it a complete success
MOD Skills:
- deleting spam
- teaching URL
- approving characters
- answering questions
- enforcing any and all rules
- very active
- creating new folders/topics
- you could have and royals vs. rebels kind of thing, where they were taught that all their happiness came from their stories, but only pain would come if they didn't except their fate.
- I was thinking maybe you could have a weekly announcements page
- you could also, create a book about the curse. Only the book is written in riddles which makes it difficult for you to understand.
ex. for Blood of a unicorn, you could say
A single drop of red will do. The place of paradise and peace is where it dwells. This one-horned creature will give its share, to undoing the curse that was placed upon thee.

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Aliya is the new Mod of this group So congratulations Aliya. I will accept another mod when we reach 35 members.

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P A N ( is back ) (millieevemarie) I will be posting mine ASAP.

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Okay, but you might have to wait awhile.

P A N ( is back ) (millieevemarie) Okay.

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