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T | 19 comments Hello All,

I'm currently finishing up a science fiction/slipstream novel and would love to have Part I, or some chapters alpha/beta read. I am very happy to return the favor and swap!

Part I is 18 chapters at around 2.5k words each, and the first few chapters have gone through alpha reading and edits, The story has LGBT characters and is a tale of misfits, families, the everyday, and revolution.

The protagonist is a troubled woman from suburban Montana who wakes up in a wooden box with a hole in her head and becomes an indentured laborer in an underground village of the dead. As she tries to uncover the mysteries of the underground world, the crop she and the others are forced to harvest, and the enigmatic creature that is their god, she finds herself drawn to the group's charismatic leader. All the while, the world she left behind is unravelling up above, and eventually her past literally comes down to haunt her.

Thanks for reading and let me know if you are interested. :)


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T | 19 comments Thanks for the reply Sonja! I will send you an e-mail. :)

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