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Carson | 249 comments Here we are

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✯ Nikki ✯ | 825 comments Thanks. I'll start making a character.

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Carson | 249 comments Okay! My guy is already made but I will be changing the name to stop my confusion

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✯ Nikki ✯ | 825 comments My character is 90% done. I'm just proofing right now really.

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Carson | 249 comments description

Name: Jackson Alexander Clarke


Age: 27 years old

Appearance: description

Personality: Jackson has always been a kind and loving young man. He always is honest and caring even when he is stabbed in the back. He is strong willed and brave.


Background: Jackson grew up in a life of style he wanted to break free from his family and the traditional way of his rich family. He graduated from high school at seventeen looking foreword to becoming a doctor. He decided to pay his way through school by stripping at parties and at clubs for woman and the occasional man even though he is straight. He managed to get by without his family. Jackson finished medical school perfectly and he decided he needed to quit his side job to pursue his dream helping people. He was going to continue his education by becoming a surgeon. He ended up pissing off a club owner by quitting and he was framed for a murder of a young woman Jackson didn't even know. His family is trying to help him the best they can right now but for now Jackson is getting used to the beatings he receives at the prison.


Other: His family finally convinced the prison to allow him to have a iPod so Jackson can work on his homework and poetry.



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✯ Nikki ✯ | 825 comments

Valerie Grey Carson



Valerie has a tough exterior that is hard to break through, but once someone does she's very playful. She doesn't share a lot about her past and it's hard to get her to talk about her feelings in general. She's trustworthy, loyal, and very protective of the people that mean the most to her. Anything else will be seen in the role play.

Valerie was an only child and her father had been in the FBI as well as her grandfather. She'd grown up in a tough family and always wanted to go down the same path her father had. He died in duty when she was 16 and she had witnessed it, also getting shot in the process. The event only boosted her want to bring justice to the world, even though she walked away with nightmares that still hand her. She went through a four year college right out of high school at 17, her father had left behind a large fund for her education, and spent a while in the police academy after. Now she works as a warden in the prison because she needs experience before the FBI academy will accept her.


Behind ear:



Left wrist:

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Carson | 249 comments Same last name as my real life one!! That's awesome haha.:p. Would you like to start us out?

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✯ Nikki ✯ | 825 comments Lol I wasn't going for that. I can start us but it's past midnight. Do you mind if I do it in the morning so that what I type is actually comprehensible?

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Carson | 249 comments I think it's awesome. Sure I can wait :)

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✯ Nikki ✯ | 825 comments Sweet, thanks!

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Carson | 249 comments ((I got bored sorry haha I work at nights and I'm usually doing nothing all night))

Jackson sat in his private prison cell on his iPod writing poetry about sex and lust. The perks of being a member of a rich family he thought shaking his head. Jackson was glad nobody could look into his area unless they had a key. His cell resembled a cell that would hold a dangerous criminal after a huge fight. Jackson was glad to be alone and not have to deal with the beatings he received from the other inmates in the facility and the old warden allowing it to happen. He looked at the time on his device. 1:30 in the afternoon. The new Warden should be here in any minute to take my iPod to go over everything on it. Time to finish this naughty poem.Jackson smiled slyly and finished his typing relaxing on his small bed waiting to meet this new guy and to see his face when he came back after reading the sex poems Jackson worked on all morning.

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✯ Nikki ✯ | 825 comments Everything around Valerie felt heavy. She shouldn't be a warden. She didn't have the experience. But here she was, thanks to her deceased father that was somehow still pulling strings for her. The pressure she had expected to go away, but as she walked through the prison everything just felt heavy. Her uniform, her belt, the air. And she was hyper aware of it. She knew she wasn't like the rest, now it was time for that to make or break her. She stuck her keys into Jackson Clarke's cell, a guy who intrigued her when she's read his file, and pulled it open. "Tell me, Mr. Clarke," she said when the door was open, "how does one sweet talk their way into special privileges. I am very curious." She stood with a brow raise in question, a hand on her hip and that hip popped to the side. Her hair fell over her shoulders when relay she was supposed to have it pulled back, not that she cared all that much about some of the ridiculous petty rules they had for employees here. She knew the risks. She was dumb enough to leave it down. She'd suffer the consequences if they came.

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Carson | 249 comments "I didn't commit the crime. I have been to busy trying to become a surgeon. I want to save people lives not kill them."Jackson smiled at this woman standing up carefully to reveal he was shirtless. He watched her movement carefully glad to see she wasn't flinching or reaching for a weapon on her belt. " My parents helped with the sweet talking. I wanted to finish school and I needed them. I worked my ass off stripping just to make it through school and now I can't do that." Jackson walked towards her carefully setting his iPod in her hand softly revealing that his hands were rough unlike most rich men. This woman is drop dead gorgeous. I am feeling kind of bad for the dirty poetry but it's to late now. Its my sexual release. he carefully thought smiling at this woman his dimples showing clearly through his facial hair. " You have gorgeous hair it would be a shame if Diego tries to grab it.. Watch out for him. The last warden let him rape other inmates." Jackson told her softly before turning around revealing a bruised back and shoulders.

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✯ Nikki ✯ | 825 comments "I'm not interested in your life story. I just wanted to know this part of it," Valerie spoke and lifted the iPod. "I'm not the other warden. I'm a lot different. Why don't you ask Diego? I'm sure his broke nose will tell the story for him," she gave a sweet smile. She wasn't surprised by the corrupt authority from before. A lot of the problems were revealed when he left and she had to fix it all. Which also meant getting her prisoners in check. "I'll be back with your iPod Mr. Clarke," she spoke and stepped out of the cell. After she closed the door she double checked the lock and headed back to her office. She let her blush go over her cheeks that had threatened when Jackson had stood. "Gosh it should be illegal for him to be shirtless," she muttered to herself. After sitting at her desk she began to go through the iPod and raised a brow. Interesting imagination, she thought. As she was walking back to give Jackson his iPod again she noticed the conditions. She thought about the bruises she had seen on her prisoner's back. Things were going to start changing.

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Carson | 249 comments Jackson looked through his uniform pants shaking his head. Most of the ones he had in here had a rip in the back when he got raped the first two weeks he was here. He wiped his eyes shaking slightly." Why can't I just have a normal life... I was supposed to be working at the nearby hospital not in jail watching my back." Jackson found and I ripped pair of pants and slid his dirty ones off easily. It looks like I might have made her blush a little but I highly doubt it. She would never give me second glance even if I was not her prisoner. . Jackson chuckled sitting down in his boxers shaking his head remembering how he used to strip as a fake cop or prisoner. How Ironic.

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✯ Nikki ✯ | 825 comments As she was walking back Valerie had to stop. She could feel that her left hip was going to give out. She made sure there weren't any prisoners around or any guards, neither could know she had a weakness. It was an injury she had been hiding since she was 16. If anyone knew it frequently gave out she would be stuck doing desk work for the FBI and that wasn't what she wanted at all. And if the prisoners found out, well. One punch to the hip and they'd have her down. She continued moving once the feeling passed. If she'd been shot any lower she would have shattered her bone and could possibly not be walking today. Now a nice bullet shaped scar sat on her skin. She opened Jackson's cell door and held the iPod out for him to take. Her hand sat on her left hip, both because that's where a taser was and because it was still threatening. "You have an interesting imagination, Mr. Clarke," she spoke with a smirk taking over her lips.

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Carson | 249 comments "Sorry Ma'am. Sex has been on my mind a lot lately." Jackson stalked over to her still not wearing his uniform pants. He took his iPod from her gently." You won't be bored going through it at least..." Jackson didn't even eye her taser. He could tell she didn't seem to be worried about him as a threat. " So your left hip something is wrong with it.." Jackson sat down and looked up at her quickly." I'm a doctor I can tell you favoring and placing all your weight on the right side." He set his iPod down and found his small thing of ointment to put on some stiches on his side. He grimaced in pain. He was having to bend his upper body in a awkward way to try and reach the stiches near his back. Jackson bit his lip hard drawing a little blood from his bottom lip

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✯ Nikki ✯ | 825 comments "Doctor or not I believe that would be none of your business," Valerie replied. "And it would be best if you kept your mouth shut about any observations you've made or continue to make about my health," she added. She couldn't have a rumor going around. She'd be out of here faster than she could blink. She watched him struggling and sighed. "Let me help. And I swear if you even so much as look at me the wrong way you'll find yourself with a trip to the prison hospital," she growled and stepped closer to her prisoner, holding her hand out. She could practically hear her father screaming at her for being unprofessional. Telling her she was putting herself in danger. That she didn't know this person. While all were true also thanks to the man that was probably hanging his head in shame she was a black belt by age 12 so she wasn't too concerned with her murdering stripper.

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Carson | 249 comments Jackson handed her the ointment." Thank you.. And I would never pass anything on I notice about you to the other prisoners. You have my word." He looked up into her eyes the green in his eyes seemed to sparkle in the light. He looked back at his hands slowly. " For the pain in your hip take a hot shower at least a couple of days a week.. Also try creams with menthol it will leave a cooling effect.." Jackson suggested to her slowly. He felt attracted to this woman and he didn't like seeing her in pain. He knew he was only a simple prisoner in her eyes that needed to be felt with like everyone else but he could tell this woman was different. Jackson bit his lip softly and groaned slightly.

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✯ Nikki ✯ | 825 comments As Valerie pressed the ointment to his stitches she sighed softly. "I've been doing that stuff for years, Mr. Clarke," she spoke. "It's my fault for not doing the PT when I needed to," she added. When the wound came she was in the peek of her athleticism and to keep it up she completely ignored her doctors orders. She had a dream she was too insistent on. And running had helped her cope with her father's death. "But thank you," she added softly and pulled her hand away from his skin. She handed him the ointment and walked towards the door. "I'll see you next time I come to collect your iPod. I'll be looking forward to the next addition," she commented with a small almost genuine smiled. One of her blue-green eyes gave him a wink.

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Carson | 249 comments "Well if you ever need help.. I'm here for you ma'am." Jackson smiled at her looking into her eyes again." I know quite a few doctors who can keep their mouths shut or even I can help it under supervision of course." Jackson bowed his head to slowly and respectfully. She is beautiful. Man whatever guy has her heart is a lucky man. He looked up at her smiling "I will have the next one ready by later." Jackson looked down at his hands. The warden checked his device twice a day he'd see her again tonight. He was glad he stayed in his cell. I wonder if she took the old unused warden room down the hall..

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✯ Nikki ✯ | 825 comments Valerie rolled her eyes as she stepped out and closed the door. Deciding to wander instead and check out more of the prison she actually pulled her hair back, wanting to avoid unwanted attention from anyone. She heard the yells from people that could see her as she passed by. She ended up circling around to where Jackson's cell was but it wasn't time for her to come back. She found an old office that was bigger than her current one. "What the hell?" she muttered to herself. Why had the old warden been using the one at the very top of the prison that was smaller and hard as hell to get to? She shook her head and walked to her office and grabbed the unopened box of things that were somewhat personal and brought them down. She barked some orders and eventually everything from upstairs was brought to her level. "That idiot," she muttered once everything was set up and she was wiping away dust.

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Carson | 249 comments Jackson worked on his next naughty poem. He smiled purposely writing intimate sex scenes for her imagination. Jackson laid down on his bunk and closed his eyes humming an old country song." I wonder how the new warden is enjoying her first day." He shook his head. I need to stop thinking about her.. I'm prison scum now. Jackson growled irritated with himself. He drifted off into a light sleep

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✯ Nikki ✯ | 825 comments ((Sorry. I accidentally wrote you a book...))

"You let a prisoner loose in the halls?" Valerie's voice rang out. Her door had been thrown open and the guard that stood in front of her was spewing a bs story but all she had heard was the part about a prisoner wandering the halls. "You're kidding me," she spoke. Just a first day prank right? When he shook his head and sirens started going off she groaned. "You're an idiot. An absolute idiot," she shook her head and grabbed a gun from her drawer before running out.

She reached for her radio, "I need eyes on the prisoner." She needed security to start going through the camera's to find them. But soon enough she heard the click of a gun and her eyes closed. She turned and saw her prisoner. "You didn't tell me he grabbed your gun," she muttered to the guard next to her. "I didn't think it was important," he replied. Valerie's jaw almost dropped and if she didn't have a gun pointed at her she probably would of given the guard a piece of her mind. Instead she clenched her jaw and took a deep breath. "Drop your weapon," she commanded, her voice a loud bark.

When he didn't she didn't waste time shooting his hand and watching the gun fall to the ground. She tackled him and kicked the discarded gun to the guard. After she had the prisoner cuffed again and two people were walking him down to the prison hospital she turned to the guard who let him out. "Get out of my face. Don't come back until next week. If I see you you won't like it," she snapped. After filling out paperwork about the incident she was exhausted. Her dark hair spilled over her shoulders again and she realized it was past time to look at Jackson's iPod again. She sighed and pushed herself out of her chair. She limped to the door, tackling someone ended up irritating her hip more, but the second she stepped out she was walking normally.

Once she stood outside of Jackson's cell she unlocked it and pulled it open. "I need your iPod again," she spoke. Her voice mostly exhausted but slightly snappy. Showing she wasn't interested in dealing with anything else. After breaking a nose and shooting someone on her first day she was starting to wonder how the rest of her days would go.

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Carson | 249 comments ((That's awesome:3))

Jackson stood up holding his blanket around his naked waist so she wouldn't realize he was nude he yawned."Busy day?"he gave her a small reassuring smile. He walked over to her setting his iPod in her hand."I'm sorry you are having a rough day." He sat back in his bed." If it helps there are fresh unused sheets for the wardens bedroom in the janitors closet three cells down from mine." Jackson used to have to take care of the last warden since the old man was a drunk

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✯ Nikki ✯ | 825 comments ((It happens sometimes. Don't mind it.))

Valerie raised a brow, unsure of why he knew that but just dismissed it. "Right," she said slowly. "Well, I'll be back," she shook her head and left. When she closed the door she couldn't help but wonder if he was naked. She ran her hands over her face then went to the closet he had talked about before going to the warden room. She sighed softly. This was her life now. She almost felt as if she was a prisoner. But she knew she didn't have near as bad as some. After changing the sheets and throwing out some empty whiskey bottles she sat on her bed and went through Jackson's iPod. She fanned her face when she sat up and let out a breath. "Jesus," she whispered as she stood and walked back to his cell. She opened the door. "Here," she spoke, and held it out.

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Carson | 249 comments Jackson quickly covered himself up." T..thank you ma'am." His usually calm voice was stuttered as he seemed to blush." If you need anything I am here anytime." He smiled at his little joke since he was usually always in his cell unless he had a guard walk him to the shower. Hopefully she didn't notice what I was doing. He reached for his IPod a little shaky.

((It's fine it makes the RP a little more detailed))

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✯ Nikki ✯ | 825 comments Val stood and blinked for a moment. She opened her mouth to say something but snapped it shut. Silently she handed him his iPod before quickly turning on her heel and going back to her own room, double checking his cell was locked before leaving. After it was lights out and the night guards had checked in with her she showered, luckily the warden room had a full bathroom. She pulled the blankets up after crawling in bed and thought of her ridiculously attractive prisoner. She groaned and rubbed her temples. Stop thinking like that, she commanded.

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Carson | 249 comments Jackson looked up as his cell door opened he smiled at his usual night guard." Hey Josiah how's Lillith."He asked his guard about the other guard he was seeing.

" She is feeling better after you suggested a doctor for her to go see." Josiah chuckled slightly and put Jackson in handcuffs." I'm taking you to the showers we are a bit behind after the chaos of today so I will be handcuffing you to the shower bar." He growled out softly.

"It's alright at least I can shower still and you didn't forget me."Jackson laughed slightly as he was lead to the showers close to the wardens room. Josiah handcuffed one of Jackson's hands to the bar and walked out quickly leaving him without a towel. Jackson growled out softly but turned on the hotwater to wash his body. I wonder if he is doing his rounds or going to have a quickie with his girlfriend. he shook his head knowing it was the second option since he didn't stay to give Jackson a towel.

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✯ Nikki ✯ | 825 comments Valerie had just drifted to sleep when her radio sounded. She groaned and sat up. Not bothering to put a uniform on her grabbed her belt and tightened it around her waste over her blue pajama shorts. She pulled her hair back and laced up some running shoes before wandering out into the halls. She held her flash light in one hand and adjusted the strap of her tank top in the other as she walked to the area she needed to be.

"You woke me up for a signature?" she questioned. "A signature to request new uniforms?" she asked afterwards. Val closed her eyes. Don't kill them. Don't kill them. Don't kill them. Keep the FBI in mind. You can make it through this, she told herself. "Next time you need me for something that doesn't involve death, bleeding, fighting, escape, or food I won't be this nice," she spoke as she scrawled her name along the line.

"I hate my job," she said to herself as she walked back to her room. She was going to have to get some smarter people around here.

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Carson | 249 comments Jackson growled as he struggled to wash his back."This is ridiculous." He muttered. He shook his head knowing his guard was going to forget him again and this time it was worse because Jackson was naked without a towel and handcuffed. He wondered how the wardens first night was going. He chuckled thinking about how stupid some of her guards were. They were used to having slack and a lot of free time

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✯ Nikki ✯ | 825 comments Valerie went to open the door to the warden room but frowned when she heard a shower running but no guard outside. "Of course," she growled. She grabbed a towel and opened the door but not by a lot. "Whoever is in there are you ready to come out?" she questioned. Everything. I have to do everything, she thought. New staff was definitely on her list now.

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Carson | 249 comments "No..."Jackson responded softly." I'm handcuffed to the bar.." He shook his head. The warden comes to his rescue he thought shaking his head. This woman has been on my mind all damn day. I even used her as an inspiration in my new poem to see if I flustered her and here she is.. Jackson shook his head slowly

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✯ Nikki ✯ | 825 comments Valerie hung her head. Of course it was Jackson. "Well I'm coming I'm then," she spoke. She'd already seen him mostly naked it didn't really matter at this point. She entered and blushed almost the whole time. Don't look over his body. Don't you do it Valerie Grey Carson, she commanded. Then of course she did it anyway. Quickly she tore her eyes away and flipped the water off. "Here," she threw the towel in his chest. "Cover yourself then I'll undo your cuffs," she spoke and turned away. She rubbed her temples and couldn't help but smile as her blush deepened.

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Carson | 249 comments "Yes ma'am."Jackson covered up his body the best he could with one hand. He hung his head in shame. He felt like a huge problem for this woman and he didn't want to cause her trouble at all." I'm sorry about this.. This is when I'm allowed to shower.. I was raped when I first got here and my dad was pissed." He told her slowly. Jackson didn't see her look over his body at all. She must find me revolting with all my tattoos or something she didn't even look at me and I was completely naked. Jackson shook his head slowly keeping his eyes to the ground trying to ignore that she was in tight shorts and a thin t-shirt.

((I love the already sexual tension haha))

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✯ Nikki ✯ | 825 comments ((Lol. He think she doesn't like his tattoos but all of hers are showing right now.))

Valerie turned around and undid his cuff on the bar and put it on his other hand behind his back. "Don't apologize. A guard had to of taken you out so its not your fault," she spoke. She walked him back to his cell and opened it then undid his cuffs and put them in her belt with other hand cuff sets. "Really I should've apologizing to you. People shouldn't be abandoning prisoners in a room naked," she muttered. "I'm getting better staff in here the second I can," she nodded. Her blush was still there it it was starting to fade.

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Carson | 249 comments Jackson took his towel off quickly putting on a pair of boxers." I'm still a burden of a prisoner. Ma'am you can take my iPod until you are settled a little better.. I did write more smut anyway."he chuckled watching her face." I also need a break from it anyway so you will be doing me a favor."Jackson told her placing the device in her hands. She doesn't seem like the kind of woman to go through photos or videos but it's not like she hasn't seen me naked. He sat on his bed looking up at her. Jackson was a typical male when it came to his alone time but in his boredom he recorded videos of what he did to kill time.

((My goal is to torture Valerie haha))

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✯ Nikki ✯ | 825 comments Valerie shook her head. "Seriously Mr. Clarke. I won't even look at this and you'll be getting it right back in the morning. I'm exhausted. I was sleeping if you can't tell before I was called to do ridiculously idiotic things," she rubbed her temples at the memory. "I feel like I need to call a therapist for your sex addiction," she shook her head again realizing what he had said. She laughed, "really is that all you do in your free time?" She meant the writing smut and what she had walked in on.

((Rude :P))

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Carson | 249 comments " What else am I suppose to do wait for two months and be injected with poison.,"Jackson looked at her slowly not realizing she was missing papers stating he was to be executed unless other evidence has been found." I don't have much up to do but smut and my alone time,"he looked down quickly and wiped his face.

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✯ Nikki ✯ | 825 comments "Geez what the hell did you do? I knew you murdered someone but murderers don't just get the death sentence unless they are mass," Valerie asked. Her hand set gently on her gun. She realized she has been way too carefree around this human being. She shook her head and took a step back. She didn't look am afraid but definitely on guard.

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Carson | 249 comments " The guys I pissed off killed a girl that looked like the governors daughter. They left her body so mangled that they didn't test her DNA thinking it would be contaminated." Jackson closed his eyes tightly realizing her whole mood and demeaner shifted when he said he was going to be killed." Little do they know.. His little princess of a daughter is hidden away in the sewers and they will release her as soon as I'm dead.." Jackson looked up at her.." So I'm sorry that all I can do is tease the gorgeous new warden and hope she finds me at least a little attractive so I can feel like more of a man." He told her before laid down on his bed covering himself up with his thin blanket.

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✯ Nikki ✯ | 825 comments Valerie's face changed to various different emotions as he kept talking. "Wait. First off you call me gorgeous but just saying damn. Like you look like you just came straight off Michelangelo's carving table but that's not the point. You do realize that you need to tell someone you know the whereabouts of the girl people think you killed? Like that's really important information that I need to go call in right now," she spoke. She was dumbfounded that he was supposedly framed for murder and knew where the girl supposedly dead was. She felt her inner detective coming out. That's what she had always wanted to do.

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Carson | 249 comments " I have no evidence! The Governer is blocking all new information on my case. I'm royally screwed... The only reason I'm getting treated like Royalty was because my moms old friend from school was a Too FBI agent before he passed away." I know her where they said she is I don't know which sewer system." Jackson stood up and walked over to her." Thank you for saying you'd help but even you are holding on to a weapon like I'm a criminal." He looked at her body carefully. You ma'am are a gorgeous woman and I wish things were different because I would kiss you and leave you wanting more... Jackson walks back to his bunk glad to see she still had his iPod in her hand.

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✯ Nikki ✯ | 825 comments Valerie raked her hands through her hair. "Around where?" she asked. Maybe she could get viewed by the FBI a lot sooner than she had originally thought. "Around where, who is involved, and I swear if you're lying to me or you do lie to me I will rip your throat out. And that's not a joke," she threatened. She ran her fingers over her temples and started thinking. She had connections that could go over the governors word. She could get taken on by the FBI without going through this already hellish warden job. She could save a person. She would be saving two people. If Jackson was innocent like he said.

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Carson | 249 comments "The mans name is Robert Sharp.. He has a hold up somewhere near downtown in the sewers underneath a business there. That is all I know.."Jackson told her softly hiding his face in the pillow. He felt like more or a failure than before. " I do think you are gorgeous... You are perfect in my eyes." Jackson peeked out at her and rubbed his abs

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✯ Nikki ✯ | 825 comments Valerie's eyes fell to his abs and she shook her head. "No. Don't do that until after I save your ass," she spoke. "I'll be back," she spoke. She left his cell and closed it behind her. Immediately she pulled her phone out. "I need an FBI team to check out the sewers around down town," she said to her dads old partner.

"Valerie you can't j-"

She interrupted him, "I don't care what I can or can't do. I've got a prisoner on death row claiming innocence and he knows the whereabouts of the governors daughter. Tell me, would you like to responsible for the death of an innocent man if you find out he's innocent afterwards? If you don't do it I will and I don't have a team. Besides Richard you owe me. We both know that bullet wasn't for me." The other end was silent for a long time.

"Fine. But you need to be right. I'll tell them it's my idea in case this goes badly. If it goes good I'll tell them you gave me the tip. Be at my office tomorrow morning and you'll be part of the team," he spoke then hung up before she could get another word in. She bit her lip and thought for a moment before slipping her phone back into her belt. She opened the cell door again and smiled. "You're lucky my dad was high ranked in the FBI," she spoke.

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Carson | 249 comments " Thank you.." Jackson looked at her slowly." You better get some sleep.. You will be on a long mission if your trying to help save me because guys like him will run but he is stupid enough to leave evidence."Jackson looked back at his hands. Why does she want to save me.. I saw the ring on her finger earlier. She has a man or something... Jackson stood up and walked towards her.."Do me a favor.."

((Making up something for a plot sorry:p))

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✯ Nikki ✯ | 825 comments ((Well it's going to be the 'or something' option because she's certainly not married or in a relationship...))

Valerie's brows furrowed. "I'm saving you from death row and you want me to do you a favor?" she questioned, watching him walk towards her. "Well alright then, what's your favor?" she asked. She pulled her hair out of its pony and let it fall around her shoulders, sighing softly as she ran her fingers through it afterwards.

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Carson | 249 comments "Don't hurt me for this." Jackson gently pushed her against the wall and slid his hand to her bad hip feeling her left hips muscles. He pressed on it gently working out a small knot that was probably causing her a little irritation today. He closed his eyes after he finished waiting to get his ass chewed out for touching her. He looked into her eyes slightly and was ready for whatever punishment she saw fit." I'm sorry I just wanted to help you if I could ." Jackson bit his lip slightly.

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✯ Nikki ✯ | 825 comments Valerie took in a sharp breath when he pushed her against the wall. Her eyes watched his face until they closed and she focused on what he was doing to her hip. It was starting to feel better already. "Right. Thank you," she said quietly and let her eyes drop to the ground. She went to twist the ring around her finger but forget she had taken it off. She couldn't look up. She knew if she did she would kiss him. A stranger. A prisoner. But his close proximity, her hip, his abs right in front of her, she couldn't help but want to. She bit her lip as her eyes became very fixated on the flooring.

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