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Julia Rosalind sat on a couch, reading a newly discovered book. She basked in the sunlight, warm and intrigued in her new book. So far, she hadn't met any other Ravenclaws her age, and was patiently waiting to. Rose cast a glance around the room as she finished a chapter, but nobody was there, so she continued to read her book. It was Quidditch Through the Ages.

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Emelie walked inside the common room and saw another girl already there, reading a book.
"Hello. I'm Emelie.", she said smiling at the girl.

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Julia Rose looked up at the girl who had just walked over to her, and smiled. "I'm Rose." she said, closing her book, but with a finger in it's pages to keep her place. Rose looked at the new girl who just walked in. She was obviously a Ravenclaw, and appeared to be a first year too.

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Emelie sat down in the chair opposite Rose and looked at the book in her hand.
"Is it good?", she asked pointing at the book.

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