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a pub owned by Madam Rosmerta.

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Night | 39 comments Lorelei entered after Angel. She bowed her head, making sure that Angel couldn't see her face. She noted their surroundings.

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Please try to rp 3+ plus per post. Thanks. ))

Angel followed behind her. With no other students occupying the area Angel could be more lientant about the way she treated the Slytherin. Keeping her image was tough.

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Night | 39 comments ((Sorry, I forgot about that))

"So, Angel." Lorelei said, still acting. "I'm impressed by your dueling skills. I could never fight that well." Lie. She thought to herself.

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Angel scoffed, "Drop the act Lorelei," She said with a chuckle and headed towards a booth, "I know how you work-you Slytherins are all the same," She thought mentally.

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Night | 39 comments Lorelei rolled her eyes. "Fine." She said, adopting the normal Slytherin behavior. She had spent such a long time on it, not even Angel could see through it. "I want you to teach me, so I can kick some butt."

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"Nah sorry-its raw talent," She winked and swiftly weaved through the busy pub. "So whats you're status-taken or what?" With no quidditch to talk about-Angel was at lose for a good conversation.

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Night | 39 comments "Not taken." Lorelei wrinkled her nose. "The boys I know are all scum." That was not true. But of course Lorelei didn't say that. She hated telling people the truth.

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"Riiiiiight," Angel rolled her eyes, "We'll at least you got that going for you." She shrugged.

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Night | 39 comments Lorelei bit her lip. "What House are you in?" she asked. If she was even in a House.

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Angel raised her eyebrow, "Seriously?" She scoffed with amusement.

((Because shes relative with dumbledore she notorious around the school. She gryff))

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Night | 39 comments ((Oops))

Lorelei rolled her eyes. "I was being sarcastic. You should know that better than most girls." She said. Slytherins were arrogant, so that's what she would be. Proud and arrogant.

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Angel laughed, "Maybe," She wiggled her eyebrows playfully, "You're odd, She added as she placed a hooka to her lips.

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Night | 39 comments "Thank you so much for the compliment." Lorelei responded dryly, with a hint of amusement. "I feel honored to be recognized as 'odd' by Angel, or Goddess among women." She faked a bow. "How may I serve you."

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"Take your platter of attitude elsewhere," Angel winked in response to Lorelei's fake bow. She let out an honest laugh as their little scene was over in a matter of minutes, "At least you're not a bitch," She offered.

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Night | 39 comments Lorelei raised an eyebrow at Angel. "Why, why did you think I was in the first place? And here i was, hoping that I hadn't made a bad first impression." She sighed dramatically. "My hopes in dreams. they have been crushed."

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"I never said that," Angel said with her eyes narrowed, "God I hate when people assume shit," She mumbled. "Anyways...."

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Night | 39 comments "I'll drop it." Lorelei said. "Well, I'll try. Emphasize on try." She laughed, though it was hollow. Something was nagging at her, but she couldn't figure out what...

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Angel slumped down and sqt on the floor besides Lorelei's feet. "Man I hate Snape," She groaned, "Gets his knickers in a twists too much,"

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Night | 39 comments Lorelei frowned. "Snape is my favorite. Well, second to Professor McGonagall of course. I hate Trelawney. Sometimes I wonder if she hit her head hard on a table or something." Lorelei started imitating Professor Trelawney. "You, my dear. The thing you most fear. It will happen to someone dear to you on the tides of November, because Mercury and Jupiter cross paths or something like that."

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Angel offered a false laugh. "I can do my impression of snape," She said. To Angel-she didn't understand most of the professors ideologies and often disrespected them.

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Night | 39 comments "I'd love to hear it." Lorelei said, sitting down on one of the chairs. "Please, have a seat somewhere other than the floor. That is hardly the place suitable for someone to do a Snape impression. I've heard so many, they're no longer funny. Maybe you can change that."

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Angel shrugged and rose from the ground. Not finding any place else to sit she walked over to someone and in her impression of snape asked if he could borrow her bloomers. "If you wouldn't mind miss," Angel said slowly in the impression, "I couldn't help but notice you overly large bloomers and may I ask where it was you managed to purchase them?" The woman whom Angel had asked brusted out laughing.

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Night | 39 comments ((Sorry, out doing stuff))

Lorelei laughed too, though her insides twisted uncomfortably. She was afraid what Snape would do. And she hated seeing her favorite teacher portrayed that way.

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Angel smiled wide, "Impressed?" She asked turnig around a wicked grin upon her lips. Upo seeing Lorelei's concern it disappeared quickly, "W-whats the matter?" She exlaimed. "Was it that horrible?!"

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Night | 39 comments Lorelei grimaced. "I'm thinking about what you would look like right now if Snape walked in on you doing that. And you can't attack a teacher. It's just...I'm cautious, guess. It's nothing. You were impressive, though."

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Angel smiled, "Snape can go...," The rest of what she said was bleeped out. (Haha) She laughed loudly, "Snape is such a creep," Angel mentioned.

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Lorelei shrugged. She couldn't agree on that. The dungeons were her favorite place. Dark, no sunlight. It was like her own world in a dream come true. After all, Potions was also her best subject, right next to Transfiguration.

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Night | 39 comments ((I thought it was 3+ sentences?))
Lorelei interrupted the silence by walking over and dragging out a stool. "I guess this means the famous Angel is speechless, awed by my amazing Slytherin abilities." She said. "Oh, how I knew that one day, I, out of all the others, would be honored and bowed to. I feel the glory of this."

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Angel growing annoyed by the Slytherin snapped, "Shut up," The look in Angel's eyes displayed a lack of kidding around. "There's nothing special about you or anybody else," She kicked a nearby chair and fled the Shack without warning.

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Night | 39 comments ((It's the Three Broomsticks Inn))
Lorelei smiled. "I never said I thought I was special." She called, before turning away. She had finally chased the annoying Griffindor away. Now she could enjoy the solitude of herself. Though, when she turned to leave, she felt rather sad.

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Angel pissed off for reasons unknown shot a spell at the nearby trees in the nearby forest. Blue fire erupted from her wand and shot up from the base of the oak tree with a loud bang followed by a crack. Some people screamed but no body ran. They did although panic and run amuck searching for water to extinguish the fire.

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((so no follow?))

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Night | 39 comments ((I think it's time for Lorelei to go to class))

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