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A young female brunette sat near a large steel cage which surrounded what was normally used and almost rarely cleaned floor. Her eyes were closed as she was used her leg to prop her body up a against the rusty metal column. The metal cage was locked for the time being as a loud and slightly disappointing match-to-the-usual-visitors. Nestled in the upper corner of the left side of the stationary club was a hanging black board which presented the names of the duels ensuing that night. Below the poorly written name of the poor soul who waged a fight against known opponent Ragonex (ray, gone- x ) in the cage, was the name belonging to the girl who sat only a few feet away, obviously not impressed by the match since her eyes were closed. Despite the crowd growing louder as the match neared its end, the girls eyes remained shut tenderly. Within a few moments, she knew Ragonex would be announced winner for he usually never let a soul survive his match. Her eyes fluttered open as a soft thud was inaudible as the lifeless body of Ragonex's opponent fell to the floor. A small sigh passed her lips as she allowed her eyes to witness Ragonex's grin appear upon his lips. She looked around only partly interested in the entirety of the scene.

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Night | 39 comments Lorelei entered, blinking at the lights. Oh, she loved a good duel. But when she saw Ragonex's name, her smiled slid from her face. She should have expected it, though she was surprised. He should be dead and gone. She thought firmly.

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Night | 39 comments Lorelei made herself shrink back from the cage.

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((hold on XD, its my post))

Angel looked at the odd girl near the cage. Her dark eyebrow rose as she blinked at the mysterious challenger who appeared dumbfounded to have challenged Angel. The roars of cheer and boos seemed to settle to an unnerving silence. It appeared people were holding their breathe.

Angel knew almost immediately this was an outsider. As it was match scheduling were posted behind the girl who stood in the cage. The young brunette Angel dismissed the girl's challenge with a flick of her head, "Get lost girlie, you don't belong in a place like this,"
The response earned an amused chuckle from the onlookers. To them the naiveness of the young girl was remarkable and amusing.

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Night | 39 comments Lorelei made herself still, trying not to jinx Angel. She was not naive, nor was she a bad fighter. But she knew she had to pick her battles wisely. It would be better for the people to think she was a dumb weakling. She would get even later. "Th...thank y...you Angel." She said, and purposefully stumbled on her seemingly frantic escape to the stands. She listened to the crowd snicker, and smirked without anyone noticing. Oh, she would surprise them. They would learn to never underestimate Lorelei ever again. But not now. She sat down.

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A small smirk played at Angel's lips. She turned to Ragnorex. Within the first ding of the battle-he sent a forbidden curse her way but much to everyone's surprise, Angel swiftly turned on her heel and lifted the palm of her hand to rest before her. The spell dispersed with a blue flame. A small chuckle passed Angel's lips and she tiled her head. "Aw, sorry baby," She blew him a kiss and muttered something unknown. She adapted a slamming foot not he ground stance and it threw Ragnorex across the bar-into the window.

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Night | 39 comments Lorelei studied Angel with a thoroughly assessing eye. She was good, Lorelei had to admit. But Lorelei had grown up with people exactly like Angel. And she had learned how to beat them all.

((Can they become friends sometime later?))

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The match was over in a couple of seconds and Angel sighed as she slung herself into an abandonded booth. As winning, she received a platter of food on the house and then some. But for now, she was lucky to have won with her life. As to why that guy knew such spells was beyond her. Angel, her eyes only glancing at Loreli, she casted a spell to which threw a few fries her way. No aggression was intimated within the gesture. They hovered before the slytherin.

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Night | 39 comments Lorelei plucked a fry from the air. "Thank you for the free food." She said, making sure to use a small voice.

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Angel shrugged as though it was nothing. She rose a dark eyebrow, her blue eyes more visible she inspected Lorelei, "Sorry that bitch Melanie gave you trouble last week," Angel said before biting into a fry. It was common knowledge that the slytherin bitch liked to pick fights with even her own house members. Melanie Clearwater-Angel bristled at the name.

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Night | 39 comments ((Uh, what?))

Lorelei smiled to herself. Melanie had agreed to stage a fight with her, if only to make sure everyone's image of Lorelei was a naive, weak, unloyal Slytherin who thought she could best those in her House. In truth, she would much rather have tossed all of her most precious possessions in the ocean than actually harm those in her House.

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Angel bored, requested for her food to be sent to Gryffindor before she got up and walked to Lorelei, "Wanna ditch this place?" She asked her eyes fixated on the door.

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Night | 39 comments "If you want to." Lorelei muttered, fixing her eyes on her hands.

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Angel headed to the door, her eyes sweeping the scene before exiting.

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