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message 1: by Mia (new)

Mia Arden (miaarden) | 5 comments Hey all!

I'm a reader/writer of paranormal romance. I just wrote a book in 1st person present tense, but I know that some people hate that. What tense/POV do you prefer books to be in? Paranormal is usually 3rd person, from what I can tell, but New Adult and Contemporary are increasingly first person present tense.

message 2: by Veronica (new)

Veronica Rosa (veronicadelrosa) I prefer 3rd person POV for PNR and 1st person, past tense for UF. I don't read NA or contemporary, so it's easy for me to avoid the present tense. Although, if an author writes well, I hardly notice which tense it's in.

 ♥Lynn ♥  | 519 comments Tenses do not matter to me as along as it is followed throughout the whole book. I trust the authors to tell the story. I don't care how they tell it, as long as it is consistent and well written.

message 4: by A (new)

A | 66 comments I agree with Lynn, it doesn't matter to me very much if it's well written and consistent. I don't mind first person for any genre, although I think there are a lot of books written from this perspective and we miss out on the art of storytelling! Generally, I prefer books to not be written in present tense; it's hard to do well in my opinion.

message 5: by Sandra J (new)

Sandra J Weaver (sandraweaver) | 451 comments I really dislike first person present tense and will not read a book written in that tense. First person is okay as is omniesient third person, though I like close third person best. I much prefer past tense.

message 6: by Mia (new)

Mia Arden (miaarden) | 5 comments So great to hear everyone's opinions! My "work in progress" has hit its stride in the first person past. Thanks!

message 7: by Tianna (new)

Tianna Xander (tiannaxander) | 17 comments I have one series that's first person. My others are all in third person. My first person series is a bit more comical than my third person books. My heroines are snarky and a bit on the irreverent side. If I read first person, it's usually a book like that.

As far as how much I like them goes, it really depends on if it's present or past tense first person. I can read past tense first person. I can't read present tense first person.

Katie McAllister has a wonderful vampire series written in past tense first person.

Mia wrote: "Hey all!

I'm a reader/writer of paranormal romance. I just wrote a book in 1st person present tense, but I know that some people hate that. What tense/POV do you prefer books to be in? Paranormal..."

Sam (Rescue Dog Mom, Writer, Hugger) (sammydogs) Hi Mia,
I like your introduction as "a reader/writer." Much better than me calling myself a reader and aspiring author.

Glad you arrived at a decision. Best of luck with your writing and publication.

message 9: by Chessela (new)

Chessela Helm | 43 comments I think it depends a lot on whether I want to include other POV's at any point in the book. If it's entirely one character, I usually write first person so that I can show their emotions and thoughts. If I want to showcase other characters, too, then I go with third.

message 10: by Liza (new)

Liza Street (lizastreet) | 15 comments As a reader, I love pretty much anything except third-person present (so awkward although I've seen it done well). As a writer, I usually gravitate toward first-person present in my YA, and third-person past in adult romance.

When something's really well-written, I don't notice the POV or tense at all--I'm too swept up in the story!

Cordelia the Ardent Reader I prefer third person past tense. First person can get annoying pretty quickly

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