Divergent (Divergent, #1) Divergent question

Do i need to read this
Mattie Thomas Mattie May 08, 2014 12:54PM

Divergent is a good book, but do yourself a favor: Only read this one; skip nr. 2 and 3...

No, you don't need to read it. However, i would recommend Divergent to you, especially if you love dystopian stories, like delirium and the hunger games.

Sorrel (last edited May 15, 2014 12:19PM ) May 15, 2014 12:18PM   0 votes
You never NEED to read anything. So, no.
But it's a good book- recommend it

Of course you don't NEED to read it, but it's probably one of the best books I've read this year. But, Insurgent is boring, and Allegiant is just terrible in my opinion.

I really enjoyed it, first of all I didn´t wanna read it,but my friend told me that if I read Divergent she would read Legend by MarieLu. So I did and I really liked it.(it was kind of a deal)

YES! its an excellent story that will leave you hanging on to every word! i hate how some books i read are totally boring, but not this one! my eyes were practicly glued to the pages, but DO NOT read the 2nd and 3rd one, 2nd one didnt really have a plot and the third one was just confusing

Sabrien (last edited May 21, 2014 03:05AM ) May 14, 2014 02:50PM   0 votes
It's good, but not as good as everyone makes it out to be ( in my opinion). I think it's good but everyone over obsesses over it. Like, there are these ok books that everyone makes a big deal of, and here come the good books that you read that are extremely awesome and no one reads them that much, and you're like, come on now, why don't people read this? So Divergent's an ok book, like, 3.5 stars. And don't ever read something because everyone else is, read it if it's your type of thing and you think you'd like it. The only reason everyone started reading it is because of the movie.

I personally think everyone should read it it's so amazing

It pains me to say this but... just watch the movie! The first book is okay, the second one is horrible, and the third one is good but not worth it. Whereas watching the movie left me wanting to hang out with the hardcore Divergent fans. It moves at a faster pace and I feel the production of the movie was better than the writing of the book.

Honestly? Divergent is an excellent book, and I wish I could say the same for the others. that being said I would not recommend reading it unless you can avoid reading the next two. the second is very repetitive, and in the third a whole new conflict is introduced very sloppily. it is all very rushed and very confusing after the Insurgent.

I found it to be a good story but I found the overarching premise to be pretty lame.

uhhhh yeaaaaa :) its totally a good read.

You don't NEED to read it. Read it only if you want to....
It's a cool story...

Yesssss!a hundred times yessss. well, actually you dont need to...BUT YOU SHOULD!!!I loved the faction system and their world the most. The characters were amazing too. But, ill have to agree with "Sabrina" that after Divergent..well lets just say Divergent was the best one. Definitely read Divergent and if you want to, insurgent and allegiant. But I think once you read the first one you wont be able to not read the other too. So, READ IT!!!! I did find Tris minutely annoying, but the Divergent series is definitely my favorite series ever... and FYI Divergent is my fav book. Hope my little rant helped.

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