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message 1: by Moshe (new)

Moshe Mikanovsky (mmikanovsky) Would love to start a Postal Book Club for us Canadians. Doesn't need to be of Canadian authors, just be able to use Canada Post.

Anyone interested? Please reply if you do.


message 2: by Fran (last edited Oct 08, 2017 07:28AM) (new)

Fran Lewis | 30 comments I would love too. I am in one now but everyone else is in U.S. Count me in. Hopefully others will join soon. Sent friend request too.

message 3: by Eileen (new)

Eileen | 4 comments Hi there - I'd be interested, but I see this was a year ago. Do the other clubs accept Canadians? cheers

message 4: by Fran (new)

Fran Lewis | 30 comments I am in another one that does but it’s full
We could try with three.
What part of Canada are you in? I’m in Winnipeg

message 5: by Eileen (new)

Eileen | 4 comments Hi Fran, I'm in Toronto. I'd think three would work also....we'd need to suss out another Canadian then? Cheers

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