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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Regency romance: woman (member of the Ton) has several miscarriages and retreats to childhood home in the country (distant husband) [s]

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Lisa Blythe | 2 comments I am looking for a series (two books) about two sisters in Regency era England (could be right after Regency in time frame).

First book: The heroine marries her husband, who she is in love with. They are nobility (but I can't remember the rank). She is a dutiful wife but he remains distant as their marriage goes on, preferring to do all of the social things men do (drinking, gambling, going to balls, staying out all night). She suffers a few miscarriages, retreating more and more from the Ton. Eventually she decides to leave her husband and retreat to her childhood home in the country. Her husband sends her money but she never uses it, although her home needs fixing up.

Her husband is in love with her as well but doesn't know how to be a proper husband. The only example of marriage he has to follow is that of his parents, who had a marriage of convenience (as most in the Ton do) and enjoyed the social whirl (but weren't interested in being good parents or good spouses).

I remember a scene at the beginning of the book, before the heroine has left, where the hero stumbles in at early AM hours and passes out on the stairs (where the heroine finds him).

The heroine also has a younger sister who elopes to the Continent with a young gambler and so is in disgrace.

Of course, ends in a HEA.

Second book: The younger sister (in disgrace) has returned from the Continent as a widow. She quickly fell out of love with her husband but he blackmailed her (I think) to stay with him and help him cheat while he gambled.

She now lives in the childhood home (where her sister had been before), perhaps in the converted carriage house? She loves books and has made a friend of the village bookshop owner.

One day she is walking through the neighbouring manor grounds and hears crying. She discovers the neighbour's young daughter who has fallen in a hole. The heroine may hurt her ankle in the rescue attempt?

The neighbour turns out to be a very serious man whom the heroine had dismissed years early (I'm not sure if he tried to court her or not.) He may or may not try to hire her as a governess or nurse for his daughter?

The neighbour had married a woman who pretended to be gentle and lovely, but was actually quite vain and whiny. She died a few years after giving birth to the daughter.

I forget the rest but I believe by the end of the book, the heroine owns the local bookshop?

HEA of course.

I've been trying to remember these books for months, so any help would be very much appreciated!

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Lisa Blythe | 2 comments Amazing! Those are the books. Thanks so much. This one is solved!

Kris wrote: "The Runaway Countess and Running from Scandal by Amanda McCabe?"

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Kris | 35147 comments Mod
Great! Glad you found your books.

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