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Jerry | 35 comments This is a discussion for chapter 16 only. Please mark any other spoilers using the spoiler tags. (when in doubt, use them).

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Lee (kiwifirst) | 1508 comments Mod
Well there you go. Now we know how Korlat is Sandalaths daughter, well we know where she came from, but not necessarily how it happened, given the magic involved and the fact that she appears five weeks old already.
I had forgotten about Prazek and Dathenar until Korlats name was mentioned and I had to go find the CG book. They are in the final battle with her against the Liosen, they appear to have lost much of their chatter a they have aged.
I know what is going to happen, at the end of this trilogy I am going to want to read The Fallen again. Sigh, I guess it has been three years since w set up this group to read together.

Johny (drbo) | 184 comments Anomander and Caladan discuss Spite and Envy and Anomander persuades Brood to release his magic against Draconus’ daughters. Ivis goes inside the Castle Dracons, where furious magic battle is happening and finds Olar Ethil in fire, who protects Ivis and Wreneck. Then she buries Spite and Envy in ruins of the castle. Sandalat goes inside too for and somehow (meeting Draconus’ finnist I think) gets pregnant and gives birth to quickly maturing daughter, Korlat.

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