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message 1: by Jerry (last edited Jun 09, 2016 11:23AM) (new)

Jerry | 35 comments This is a discussion for chapter 14 only. Please mark any other spoilers using the spoiler tags. (when in doubt, use them)

message 2: by Lee, High Priest of Shadow (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lee (kiwifirst) | 1508 comments Mod
Lmao Telorast joins the party. I am sure Curdle isn't to far away. So we are seeing a few of the Elient now and thus is before Tiam makes an appearance and assumingly offers her blood to the Andii.

message 3: by David (last edited Jul 11, 2016 04:23AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

David (davk) | 44 comments The whole Soletaken subplot is marvelous.

Johny (drbo) | 184 comments Yedan Narad and his army of deniers are still hunting for legionnaires and they found out their skin is ash-colored now. They find captain Anchadu and kill her hunters. She somehow heals her leg by magic.

Calat Hustain and Spinnok Durav in fortress on the coast of Vitr finds a eleint nearby, called Telorast.

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