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message 1: by Anaïs (new)

Anaïs (anaisreads) | 12 comments Mod
Leave any recommendations on modern classics you have read and loved down below so that we can all explore the genre further!

message 2: by Precious (new)

Precious (precioush) I haven't read it yet but Beloved by Toni Morrison is a modern classic that I want to read. I enjoyed To Kill A Mockingbird & The Great Gatsby.

message 3: by Celia (new)

Celia (Z.W Desta)  | 1 comments The term modern classic is still a little lost on me but there are a few classics that I think can be seen as modern that I enjoyed
- Animal Farm - Short and eerie read, and a powerful allegory. It really changed my perception on classics in general.
- Of Mice and Men- I was so easily immersed in the story and writing style

-The Kite Runner - It was on a modern classics list so I'm including it - Phenomenal read! Beautifully tragic and heavy on the heart.

message 5: by abby (new)

abby paige (abbbyreadsbooks) I love modern classics and these are some of my all-time favorite books!

-A Separate Peace by John Knowles- the characters are amazing, and it's one of those books that hits you. I've read it a few times and always end up crying
-Catch-22 by Joseph Heller- takes a while to get used to, but so funny and makes you thing
-Brave New World by Aldous Huxley- really fascinating because it takes place in a utopia rather than a dystopia
-Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury- awesome dystopian world and plotline!

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