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message 1: by Bonnie (new)

Bonnie Venter | 2 comments Mod
Greetings fellow bookworms! If you want to introduce yourself to the group, this is the place to do it. Share some information with us like what is your favourite books, your favourite author, why you like reading what you do when your forced to go to work instead of being able to read. I'm absolutely sure you get the picture...

message 2: by Fiona (new)

Fiona Cairns | 1 comments Hello fellow bookworms!
I have always been mad about reading, ever since I can remember. Both then and now I loved escaping off into another world within seconds of picking up a book. Most of the time I read contemporary literary fiction, good psychological thrillers or detective novels. Favourite authors include Kate Atkinson, Murakami, Donna Tartt, Linwood Barclay, Per Wahloo/Maj Sjowell and Nicci French - a very varied bunch! Favourite book so far this year has been A Little Life. I usually only get time to read in the evenings, thanks to being a mum, but it's a time of day I treasure. I curl up with the cat and my Kindle and completely relax...

message 3: by Mallory (new)

Mallory (malllocup) | 1 comments Hi everyone! I'm Mallory! I've always read a ton, starting way back when I could read a few Nancy Drew mysteries in one day.... And then I read Stephen King at the ripe age of 12... And I never looked back! Although I mostly go back and forth with King books and other books, I adore recommended books. If I'm with someone that just finished a book and wants to pass it off just so they can discuss it, I'm all in! I look forward to reading different books and getting to know the people those books recommended as friends!

message 4: by Ellana (new)

Ellana Thornton-Wheybrew (ellanarosetw) Hi, I'm EllanaRose on Litsy and I literally joined it today, so bear with me as I try to work out how the app works!

I read everything. I used to be able to read three 300 page paperbacks a day, but that was when I was in school and college, and I had deadlines I was trying to avoid. Since graduating I've let my reading habits slip, but for the last year or so I've been determined to get back on track.

Can't wait to join (yet another!) readalong!

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