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You are in the Room of Requirement. A voice in your head tells you that you can take anything you want out of the four choices of items in front of you. Suddenly, four item appear in front of you, and they all benefit you in a way. Which do you take?

A. The book that'll help me in my weakest class.
B. The bottle of Felix Felicius that will help my friend have a good day of studying.
C. This really nice necklace, now I can finally be seen as someone who has something good!
D. The one thing that can help you overcome your strongest fear.

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Kellinger (kelindo) D

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A strange, but deadly looking creature appears in front of you. It looks both scary, thrilling, and deadly. What do you do?

A. I wonder where it's weak spot is...
B. Do ya think it'll let me ride it?
C. *runs at it* I'M GONNA RIDE YOU!!!

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Kellinger (kelindo) Just 3 options?

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Kellinger (kelindo) Hahaha :)

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Kellinger (kelindo) So, no more questions?

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I'm waiting for you to answer still.

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Kellinger (kelindo) But u just gave me 3 options, aren't there supposed to be 4?

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Not all the time.

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Kellinger (kelindo) A then

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So you now have some free time on your hands. What do you do with it?

A. I should probably get started on HW, it's not due for a while but...
B. Who wants to play a game of Truth or Dare?!
C. Younger years, here I come....
D. Let's all sit in a circle and braid each other's hair!

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Kellinger (kelindo) B

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Do you have a house preference?

Write in.

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Kellinger (kelindo) Gryffindor or Slytherin. It's really hard to choose one after all Kelindo has a bit of both

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Kellinger (kelindo) Ighhh :)

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