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It took off!

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message 1: by Mimi (new)

Mimi Barbour (mimibarbour) | 1 comments I'm happy to announce that my latest release "Special Agent Francesca" took off from the day I released it. I'm thinking that the Book Tour group that I went with really helped. It's the first book in my new Undercover FBI series. Next one due late summer :-)

message 2: by Seb (new)

Seb (sebkirby) | 10 comments Mod
That's good to hear, Mimi! Interested to hear more about how the Book Tour helped.

message 3: by Scott (new)

Scott Bury (scottbury) | 1 comments Mod
Great news! Maybe, to take up Seb's comment, you could share the details of the Book Tour with the rest of the group, in the form of tips.

message 4: by Patricia (new)

Patricia Sands (patriciasands) | 1 comments Congratulations, Mimi!

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