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 ☾~℉ꅤꇩꋪꋬꅤ~☾ | 104 comments Hey!
So you have any ideas?

 ☾~℉ꅤꇩꋪꋬꅤ~☾ | 104 comments Not really but I'd like to hear yours.

 ☾~℉ꅤꇩꋪꋬꅤ~☾ | 104 comments I love the first one. Sounds really fun. Wanna do that one?

 ☾~℉ꅤꇩꋪꋬꅤ~☾ | 104 comments Can I be Muse A and the female please?

 ☾~℉ꅤꇩꋪꋬꅤ~☾ | 104 comments Sure just name age and appearance? Or Name age appearance personality?

 ☾~℉ꅤꇩꋪꋬꅤ~☾ | 104 comments Okay

Name: Jewels

 ☾~℉ꅤꇩꋪꋬꅤ~☾ | 104 comments Awesome! want to post first?

 ☾~℉ꅤꇩꋪꋬꅤ~☾ | 104 comments Jewels walked into the office and frowned. "What is it now Maxen?" She asks walking over to him. When he was like this there was normally something wrong. She held files in her hands as she moves her hair away from her face.

 ☾~℉ꅤꇩꋪꋬꅤ~☾ | 104 comments Jewels sighs. "And why doesn't it feel right? Maxen there is no other evidence for the murder. He did it I'm sorry." She says setting down the files. we have another mission from Iho. He wants us to fly to England undercover as a married couple. We're hunting down Santiago Busilda. He's on Iho's naughty list." Jewels says throwing her hair up into a messy pony tail.

 ☾~℉ꅤꇩꋪꋬꅤ~☾ | 104 comments "Tomorrow." She glances at him. "Don't give me that look Maxen I just found out." She laughs quietly. "But hey at least we get to do something after about a week." Jewels smiles.

 ☾~℉ꅤꇩꋪꋬꅤ~☾ | 104 comments Jewels frowns. "Oh come on Maxen he's a busy guy." She says crossing her arms. "He told us to go home and pack. He'll give us the rings in the morning."

 ☾~℉ꅤꇩꋪꋬꅤ~☾ | 104 comments She grabs the files and runs up next to him. "Yes he is. Iho is sending back up with us just encase we need it. Maxen this is our most dangerous mission yet. If we succeed then we're on the council. Just imagine that."

 ☾~℉ꅤꇩꋪꋬꅤ~☾ | 104 comments Jewels laughs. "Yeah see you in the morning." She says walking out of the door. The Council was a great achievement and if she gets on it she knew she did everything right.

 ☾~℉ꅤꇩꋪꋬꅤ~☾ | 104 comments Jewels took a taxi home and started pacing once she got home. After she finished she put on a movie and sat down with popcorn. She later on fell asleep.

 ☾~℉ꅤꇩꋪꋬꅤ~☾ | 104 comments Jewels showed up not long after him. She was in black skinny jeans and maroon hoodie while her hair was tied up in a messy bun. "I'm not ready for this. I should be sleeping right now." She mumbles yawning.

 ☾~℉ꅤꇩꋪꋬꅤ~☾ | 104 comments "It's in like four hours but we're taking a private jet." She yawns laying down on the couch. "You know why couldn't we leave on Saturday it's more convenient for me."

 ☾~℉ꅤꇩꋪꋬꅤ~☾ | 104 comments Jewels nods. "Yeah I know. That's the worst part that I'm scared about. Something could happen where you use your powers then I can't stop them. Maxen what if that happens. You kill that guy sure but you also kill yourself. That would be on me." She whispers softly looking down at her feet. "I can't go through that again. Last time it was a close call."

 ☾~℉ꅤꇩꋪꋬꅤ~☾ | 104 comments Jewels nods pulling him into a hug. "Thank you."

 ☾~℉ꅤꇩꋪꋬꅤ~☾ | 104 comments Jewels closed her eyes. "Maxen what's wrong? You look worried." She frowns looking up at him.

 ☾~℉ꅤꇩꋪꋬꅤ~☾ | 104 comments Jewels nods sitting down with him. Iho came walking in and smiled. "Ah team perfect." He smiles. "Here's the rings the taxi is outside so get a move on my friends." He smiles walking away.

 ☾~℉ꅤꇩꋪꋬꅤ~☾ | 104 comments Jewels glares at him. "You know sometimes I think you really don't like me sometimes." She mumbles slipping on the ring as she climbs in the back. She takes out her phone and plugs in her earbuds listening in her earbuds.

 ☾~℉ꅤꇩꋪꋬꅤ~☾ | 104 comments She rolls her eyes shaking her head smiling. Just because she was 5'4 doesn't make her small. She fixes her hair and looks at him. "We have to act like we're married you know that right?"

 ☾~℉ꅤꇩꋪꋬꅤ~☾ | 104 comments Jewels laughs shaking her head. "You're one of a kind Maxen. One of a kind." She laughs looking back out the window. She sighs closing her eyes falling asleep.

 ☾~℉ꅤꇩꋪꋬꅤ~☾ | 104 comments Jewels wakes up to someone shaking her softly. She noticed she was on a plane and they were in the air. "What?" She mumbles.

 ☾~℉ꅤꇩꋪꋬꅤ~☾ | 104 comments Jewels laughs. "Thanks Maxen you didn't have to do that." She smiled rubbing her eyes. She was happy to have him as a partner.

 ☾~℉ꅤꇩꋪꋬꅤ~☾ | 104 comments She nods resting her head on his shoulder. "Thank you." She whispers.

 ☾~℉ꅤꇩꋪꋬꅤ~☾ | 104 comments She closes wrapping her arms around his arm falling asleep.

 ☾~℉ꅤꇩꋪꋬꅤ~☾ | 104 comments She grunts softy in her sleep smiling.

 ☾~℉ꅤꇩꋪꋬꅤ~☾ | 104 comments Jewels woke up when the plane jerked when it landed. "When will they ever master smooth landing?" She growls.

 ☾~℉ꅤꇩꋪꋬꅤ~☾ | 104 comments Jewels yawns nodding. "Okay." She stands up and grabs her bags getting off the jet. She was excited really. Not for the mission but to be in England.

 ☾~℉ꅤꇩꋪꋬꅤ~☾ | 104 comments Jewels shrugs. "They said we have a house to stay in and work. Make us look like we're normal people." She smiles.

 ☾~℉ꅤꇩꋪꋬꅤ~☾ | 104 comments She points to a Toyota Camry. "That's our car from what Iho just texted me and our house is about half an hour away from here." She says looking up at him.

 ☾~℉ꅤꇩꋪꋬꅤ~☾ | 104 comments "You. Remember these people drive on the opposite side of the street as we do." Jewels laughs getting into the car.

 ☾~℉ꅤꇩꋪꋬꅤ~☾ | 104 comments "So how are we going to act like a married couple now?" She asks softly.

 ☾~℉ꅤꇩꋪꋬꅤ~☾ | 104 comments Jewels blushes looking away from him. "Right okay. I know we have to act like we love each other but." She couldn't finish.

 ☾~℉ꅤꇩꋪꋬꅤ~☾ | 104 comments Jewels smiles. "There are many ways to show it. How do we really show it and make it seem real?"

 ☾~℉ꅤꇩꋪꋬꅤ~☾ | 104 comments Jewels blushes. "It takes a lot more than that to show it." She laughs.

 ☾~℉ꅤꇩꋪꋬꅤ~☾ | 104 comments She nods. "Yes really." She says looking out the window.

 ☾~℉ꅤꇩꋪꋬꅤ~☾ | 104 comments Jewels laughs. "Not going to tell me are you!"

 ☾~℉ꅤꇩꋪꋬꅤ~☾ | 104 comments Jewels mods getting out of the car. Grabbing her stuff she walks inside the apartment. It had a large kitchen and living room. It had a stair case in the middle leading up to a large bedroom and bathroom. "This place is better than my apartment." She laughs.

 ☾~℉ꅤꇩꋪꋬꅤ~☾ | 104 comments Jewels lays on the bed laughing. "We have a dinner to attend to. It's we're he's going to be. Dress fancy." She winks.

 ☾~℉ꅤꇩꋪꋬꅤ~☾ | 104 comments Jewels got ready putting on a fancy dress and her hair and makeup.


 ☾~℉ꅤꇩꋪꋬꅤ~☾ | 104 comments Jewels walks out of the room her hair out back in a neatly place bun. Her tan skin glowing against the dress. Her brown eyes were now a hazel blue eye color. She had a small hand purse in her hand. "Are you ready?" She asks fixing the gun strap that was on her thigh and she placed the pistol in the strap.

 ☾~℉ꅤꇩꋪꋬꅤ~☾ | 104 comments "His daughter Julian's house. The man lives in Italy. The only reason why he is here is because she's getting married." She says placing an ear piece in her ear. "Talk real quick love."

 ☾~℉ꅤꇩꋪꋬꅤ~☾ | 104 comments Jewels laughs. "Okay we are known as Mr. And Mrs. Jones. So we gotta act like we love each other and blah blah blah." She says. Walking towards the door.

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