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message 1: by Zach (last edited Jun 09, 2016 06:45AM) (new)

Zach Wilson | 1 comments Looking for a book we read in high school in the early 90s—it would likely be classified as YA today.

The Main character was a girl who felt overshadowed by her amazingly talented family.

Dad was a cellist, mom was a chef and yoga instructor, I think.

Big sister was Editor of the school paper or yearbook, little brother was a champion swimmer.

They lived in Florida. She had a friend named Sam who was also a swimmer.

She went orienteering and was way more prepared than the guy who planned the trip.

message 2: by Kris (last edited Jun 10, 2016 09:57AM) (new)

Kris | 32045 comments Mod
Zach, is this fiction or non-fiction?

Are there other terms for orienteering used in the book (e.g., survival ____, tracking)?

Did she become a Girl Guide or join a club?

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Lobstergirl | 37536 comments Mod
Zach, are you still looking for this or did you find it?

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