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message 1: by Daniel (last edited Jun 09, 2016 04:12AM) (new)

Daniel (zlogdan) I have just got three

Dreadstar-Jim Starlin Omnibus volume 1
Long time favorite comics space opera
Tales of Asgard/The Coming of Galactus - By Jack Kirby
One crazy thing I have noticed is that Marvel still insists that Stan Lee have written these stories.

message 2: by Daniel (new)

Daniel (zlogdan) Warlock omnibus ( Jim Starlin )
New Gods ( Kirby )

message 3: by Ian (new)

Ian | 1 comments The only ones I've been collecting recently are Lady Mechanika and Django Zorro.

message 4: by Lemec (new)

Lemec | 251 comments Mod
Very cool!
Thanks for the link, Jack of Shadows!

message 5: by Anthony (new)

Anthony | 77 comments Mod
Lemec wrote: "Very cool!
Thanks for the link, Jack of Shadows!"

Yessir, thanks! You guys might want to also check out Comic Link from Maine. In a couple of their recent auctions, I won some slabbed classic Conans with bids that were far (far) below anything I'd been tracking on eBay (which seems to have become the friggin' zone of overpriced comics).

message 6: by Lemec (new)

Lemec | 251 comments Mod
Thanks, Anthony!


message 7: by Pietro_Mercurios_01 (last edited Mar 07, 2017 09:19AM) (new)

Pietro_Mercurios_01 | 76 comments Mod
Nice article in the, Grauniad, by Neil Gaiman, about Will Eisner.

Neil Gaiman on Will Eisner: 'He thought comics were an artform – he was right'

No mistake about it, Eisner, who would have been 100 years old this week, was one of the greatest and most influential graphic artists of the 20th century.

As a sample of some of Eisner's pioneering work, here's a link to some 'Golden Age' comics, at The Spirit (Quality)

Never mind the recent awful movie version of, The Spirit, this is the real deal! ;>)

message 8: by Sheridan (new)

Sheridan (sheridanwilde) | 1 comments Paddy wrote: "Over the past year and a half I've started collecting 2000AD and the Judge Dredd Megazine again for the first time in years and years."
Glad to hear it, it's a good time to get back into the prog and the meg! Are you tempted by the 2000AD Ultimate Collection?

message 9: by Daniel (new)

Daniel (zlogdan) I have just acquired Alan Moore's Promethea but did not start it. I also have acquired Chaykin's American Flag first volume omnibus but I had not reread it ( it would be my third read ).

Pietro_Mercurios_01 | 76 comments Mod
Got out volumes 1 & 2 of Angel, series 11, for a read today. Faith has been replaced by Fred, as companion. Faith does turn up as guest star in Buffy tVS, series 11 and Fred comes with the demon godess, Illyria, as a bonus. Yes. Still a fan. I'll even be saving up for the one off volume of the resurrected and adolescent Giles's adventures in an demon plagued, US, inner city, high school.

Also considering saving up for the new Titan edition of the Chronicles of Corum, vol. 1.

message 11: by Heresiologist (last edited Mar 14, 2018 04:39PM) (new)

Heresiologist | 193 comments Mod
Jack Of Shadows wrote: "Nice interview with Mike in the link...thanks Pietro!"


I don't think I'd want to re-read the Corum books, at least not while Pyat is wholly-un-read, but a comic based re-read sounds pretty good. Of course I'd first need to complete the comic-based Elric re-read.

message 12: by Daniel (new)

Daniel (zlogdan) I have acquired Kurt Busiek 's The Autumnlands and read it with pleasure. I even added them to my favorites list. It is inspired according to Busiek in Jack Vance's "Dying Earth" yet not a pastiche or homage rather a very inspired dark-fantasy/sci-fi story. Anthropomorphism applied to the genre we all love.

He is careful and wise to not explain all the mysteries which gives us this feeling of being surprised all the time and of course: after finished volume2, I looked over the internet for new issues but it seems there are not, but I hope Busiek can write the sequels one day.

KennethMcCutcheon | 35 comments I am still sticking with the Guardians of the Galaxy comic , although I am trying to avoid all the usual extra related issues Marvel churns out when it has something successful ! I`ve been collecting for over 40 years and have well over 6,000 ,from World War 2 up to date . I had my one and only letter printed in the Jim Valentino run of Guardians , in issue 42 , a shame he wasn`t allowed to continue as his plans looked amazing . The present Guardians comic is suffering a bit from the artwork at times but I will stick it out at the moment as I have all the early Guardians issues , including their first appearance . I picked up the Tom Strong comics Mike wrote , another little chapter inthe story of the Black Blade , well worth a read .

message 14: by Daniel (new)

Daniel (zlogdan) I have picked up a deluxe edition of Camelot 3000 and Infinity Gauntlet for my oldest son. My comics pile is bigger now;-)

Last year I picked Tom Strong last omnibus and I thought it was great too.

KennethMcCutcheon | 35 comments Camelot 3000 was a brilliant series , Brian Bolland's artwork is awesome . My brother brought me over some Tom Strong comics , including the two written by Mike , I am making my way through them just now .

message 16: by Daniel (new)

Daniel (zlogdan) I acquired the digital versions of the six first Fable omnibuses and All 10 Sandman digital recollected issues. Each of these issues costed 4,3 US dollars and I thought the opportunity was great since the discounts are really great and not sure until when they will be kept.

message 17: by Daniel (new)

Daniel (zlogdan) I could not restrain myself to just 6 and I got 3 more. I am not sure how long the prices will be this good though. It has become my favorite 2000s comic series definitely.

message 18: by Daniel (new)

Daniel (zlogdan) This weekend I went to try to trade a lot of books, DVDs and CDs I had at home but that was occupying space. I thought I would get a few comics from it but I was surprised to learn that:

- Used books dealers are not buying or trading science fiction/fantasy books unless it is LoTR and The Song Of Fire and Ice.
They only accept this to donate.
- DVDs? They only accept as donations.
- cds? Only rock and jazz cds.

I ended up trading a few cds for one incredible hardcover of Harlan Ellison's comic book "7 against chaos". All the other stuff was donated. Well...

On these days I am only buying cds or dvds boxsets. I collect comics and only buy real books of my top 5 authors.

KennethMcCutcheon | 35 comments I have started buying Amazing Spiderman again , good art and story for a change !

Pietro_Mercurios_01 | 76 comments Mod
Just read over the old, Albion series, devised by Alan Moore and written "his daughter Leah Moore and her husband John Reppion, with covers by Dave Gibbons and art by Shane Oakley and George Freeman." as it says on the Wikipedia entry.

If you're about Alan's age and/or read and enjoyed enough of the old British comics that acted as source material, you might consider checkng it out. It's a useful supplement and addition to Moore and O'Neill's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen series. Might fill a gap until the last part of that chronicle is published, sometime in the Summer.

message 21: by Pietro_Mercurios_01 (last edited Mar 15, 2019 07:21AM) (new)

Pietro_Mercurios_01 | 76 comments Mod
Ach! I've just ordered a 2nd hand copy, along with, Buffy: the High School Years (Freaks & Geeks). So saving the cost of postage. X>D

message 22: by Daniel (new)

Daniel (zlogdan) I have finished Infinity Gauntlet ( I am a big fan of Jim Starlin ) which I loved it. Now, Comixology has a promotion for Dark Horse titles with 50% discounts and I acquired vol2,vol3 and 4 of the Hellboy omnibuses, which I am reading with delight.

In the physical format, I bought Cosmic Oddysey ( Jim Starlin and Mignola, how can it go wrong?) for 8 dollars and World's Finest written by David Gibbons. These two were two favorites when I was around 18/19 and I had to sell my copies a few years ago to get some extra money and I bought replacements, better ones I would say, hardcovers and such...

message 23: by Daniel (new)

Daniel (zlogdan) I have just finished "DC The New Frontier" by the late Darwyn Cooke, which was absolutely genius. I will start Hellboy, which is something I have been wanting to read for 10 years.

message 24: by Pietro_Mercurios_01 (last edited Apr 21, 2019 07:15PM) (new)

Pietro_Mercurios_01 | 76 comments Mod
Daniel wrote: "... I will start Hellboy, which is something I have been wanting to read for 10 years."
Excellent choice! I've a few Dutch language trade paperbacks and one in the original.

I've got: #1 Kiem van het Kwaad; #2 De Duivel Ontwaakt; #3 De Geketende Kist, which is complimented with (in the original), #3 The Chained Coffin. Bought at various times, for a steal, a while back. I am a lucky boy.

..... ..... .....

Anyways, tonight, I've been on the Lidl, Prosecco (sparkling white wine from Protetta in Italy), having a three pipe evening and reading Mike Mignola (Hellboy's creator), comics. I've just read a copy of, Hellboy: B.PR.D. (TPB), online. Set in 1952, the action takes place in Brazil. The Kid's first away mission. Very, very good.

There was me thinking that Mignola should really do Elric. Then, I remembered that, between him and Guillermo Del Toro, they already had, in Hellboy II!

Imagine my surprise, when I realised that, First Comics series of, Michael Moorcock's Chronicles of Corum, that has flitted across my vision occasionally, over the years, was also drawn by Mignola. Gasp!

Seriously, Mid-Eighties Mignola, (as I said over on the Final adaptation of The Runestaff books by Jim Cawthorne thread), that same fine balance of Fan and genius, but with the sure hand and increasing confidence of a budding professional. I had to stop, for breath. Fabulous stuff (literally!).

I'm on the calvados (favourite go-to Normandy apple spirit of commissaire Maigret), in this case, Calvados Pay D'Auge (and very good it is, too). Some what taken aback with the realisation that Hellboy's father is quite probably Lord Arioch and that he and Corum are apparently cousins, I'm having a great evening.

Once again, Kore has escaped Hades' clutches and the World springs into life once more. Happy Ēostre and happy us!

message 25: by Daniel (new)

Daniel (zlogdan) Pietro_Mercurios_01 wrote: "Daniel wrote: "... I will start Hellboy, which is something I have been wanting to read for 10 years."
Excellent choice! I've a few Dutch language trade paperbacks and one in the original.

I've g..."

There are a few new omnibuses which gather all the Hellboy stories: vol1 to vol4 and short stories 1 and 2. ComiXology was selling them for 6 dollars each last month. There were so many omnibuses before and that have always brought me two big problems: which ones to buy and mostly prohibitive prices.

Like you, I have been a fan of Mignola's art since the 80s but I found it great that he started writing his stories as well. Speaking of his 80s stuff, some of my favorite DC stories were drawn by Mignola, although he says he is a Marvel guy, which we can see in his influence from the King even in the later of his artwork. I like the writing of Hellboy bigtime as I like the character himself and the films. I have this 1952 issue too, but I am saving it for a later read.

I have skipped over the first Corum book adaption, The Knight Of The Swords and I was greatly surprised to see that the drawings resemble a lot what I imagined the stories while reading.

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