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message 1: by Madison (new)

Madison Lawson | 53 comments Hello, Lior! I emailed you. I have a 25k horror novella and a literary fiction short story collection. I hope to hear from you soon!

message 2: by Jimbongo (new)

Jimbongo | 4 comments Hi Lior,

I would like for you to critique/beta read my short story 'Bomber Man' (6000 words approx). Would appreciate honest comments, constructive criticism.

It concerns a combat pilot who crash lands on the alien planet he is attacking and he is taken in by the natives.

Looking forward to your reply.


message 3: by Selene (new)

Selene Osiris | 4 comments Hi Lior,
I sent you an email. It's a roughly 300 page (about 86,000 ) YA Fantasy. Looking forward to your reply.


Author Dawnette Brenner (author_dawnette_brenner) | 13 comments You seem like you're going to be quite busy, but I'm going to send you my 35K novella for middle grades. I'll include a question sheet and send pdf; thanks.


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