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The veil?

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Najma I didn't understand the thing about the veil in the archway though which Sirius died. What exactly is that and how do people die when the go through it?

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The other kids did not understand the veil either, but Harry and Luna did because it represents death.

Luna and Harry both have a closeness with death- not just because they can both see Thestrals (Neville can see them too), but because I think they really understand it. They hear whispering in the veil, which is really an archway, like an archway into the afterlife. The voices they hear are the voices of the dead, which is why Harry and Luna seem to believe that there are actually people behind the veil.

Sirius fell through the veil at the same moment that he was hit with Avade Kedavra by Bellatrix Lestrange. He did not emerge out the other side of the archway. In the movie, it's easier to understand because he's actually gently sucked up into the veil. Since he died, he just went through the archway into whatever comes after death. So, it's unclear whether the arch CAN kill people, but what's certain is that it absorbed him after he was already dead.

I believe it's some kind of ancient, deep magic, which is why it's in the department of mysteries.

Chelsey Ortega Everything Ruby said. I do imagine that mortals probably aren't supposed to go through it as Lupin physically held Harry back from going after Sirius... Nearly Headless Nick told Harry that you have the choice to go on or stay behind as a ghost, but once you choose one you can't change your mind, so there is a finality in death not just with your mortal body, but what happens to your soul as well. Maybe the veil is that final transition?

Ruby I think Sirius could have chosen to come back- he just didn't. It seems like most people choose not to come back and only those with problems come back- like Moaning Myrtle or Nick,

Chelsey Ortega Yeah. Nick said that he feared death which is why he stayed behind. Myrtle had a grudge. And even though Sirius' personality appears that he would stay, I think he was peaceful in how he died: fighting the family he detested so much, and more importantly protecting Harry. Plus, James his best friend had chosen to gone on.

Ruby I bet 99% of people choose to go on- I mean even Harry considered going on because it all seemed kind of equal to him. As opposed to the whole "unfinished business" thing, it seems like it's more about the person's personal problems and wants and desires and so on.

Vicki G Ruby wrote: "________MAJOR SPOILERS MAJOR SPOILERS______
The other kids did not understand the veil either, but Harry and Luna did because it represents death.

Luna and Harry both have a closeness with death- ..."

I know someone who died a violent death, almost the way Sirius Black died, but I didn't understand the Veil.
I don't feel the person at all, which doesn't make sense because other people in my family have died of sicknesses and I HAVE felt them including in one case someone I never wanted to experience once she was finally out of this realm.
I don't believe people are on the other side of a veil but I had a near-death experience myself and, for at least the first 15 minutes (while your brain is still connected to your body but is shutting down) you're not on the other side of a veil. I wasn't.
But I've never "felt" the person I know who died by violence & I still don't know why.

Cintia I always believed the veil had something to do with death sentences. I mean, when there is a trial in the Ministry (like the ones Harry witnessed in the Pensieve), and the accused is sentenced to death, they would make him/her walk through the veil. It's a painless death, but death after all.

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