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The Black Company (The Chronicles of the Black Company, #1)
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Manisha (sainimanisha422gmailcom) | 60 comments I'll start reading the book today.

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Manisha (sainimanisha422gmailcom) | 60 comments If you've already read Wuthering Heights then maybe we can read The Black Company by Glen Cook . Let me know as soon as you decide.

message 3: by Carmen (new)

Carmen | 44 comments I love Wuthering Heights and I love re-reading it. Don't worry. It's a treat for me. As it's your first time it is better if you stablish the times to comment. I don't want to spoil things for you. So you can tell me where you are at and what you find interesting so that we can comment.

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Manisha (sainimanisha422gmailcom) | 60 comments Okay . :)

message 5: by Carmen (new)

Carmen | 44 comments Hi again Manisha!! I'm so eager to start commenting I'm afraid I'm pestering you. How are you getting on with your reading?? What do you think of the landscape and the multiple narrators? Have you met Heathcliff and Cathy?? Tell me, tell me...

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Manisha (sainimanisha422gmailcom) | 60 comments I'm on chapter 11 and I didn't like heathcliff one bit, the story's nice full of angst,pain,suffering and it does havesome humour too mostly by Mr. Lockwood. I don't get it why is Heathcliff so rude to Hareton, he was just a kid and I did feel a little bad for Isabella too. Do you think Catherine would've married Heathcliff ,if he hadn't left Thrushcross ? And also the realation's are too complex and then they name Catherine's daughter Catherine . I liked the multiple narration. It would have got on my nerves had it been 1 person going on and on but this helps us in giving an insight to all the charachters. And please don't think you're pestering me because you are NOT. I get the excitement when someone else reads my favourite book too. :)

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Manisha (sainimanisha422gmailcom) | 60 comments And I love winters so I definitely did love the landscape description. And also it suits the charachter because they aren't afterall all warm.And one of my fav scenes till far was when Catherine Linton's appeared .Poor Heathcliff, he was clearly in so much pain .That scene was the only thing which keeps reminding me of all the suffering Heathcliff went through and how he lost his love and that again is the only reason I don't HATE him ,merely dislike him and that too not a lot.

message 8: by Carmen (new)

Carmen | 44 comments Liking either HEathcliff or Cathy is difficult, they are wildlings, they don't care about anything but themselves and each other, I guess they are soulmates or that they both speak a language only they can understand. I guess they are the doings of their surroundings, specially Heathcliff, he receives hate so hate is what he gives. I think Cathy loves Heathcliff but she is too selfish to reject everything Linton offered to her (Socially and economically) I believe when she grows up, when she discovers the Lintons she is torn between the person she really is (with Heathcliff) and the person somebody her position is supposed to be. I believe they are like the moors themselves harsh and rough, wild, dangerous and harmful but with a kind of michievous attractive.

message 9: by Carmen (new)

Carmen | 44 comments I despise most of the things they do, but still I can't help but love them because I feel they are real. They don't behave as they are expected to but they are human (somehow in their inhumanity) because in real life we also hurt the ones who love and sometimes we are driven by revenge anddestruction. As you say they are lost in love and cold, but just in the surface, I've also thought it is just a shield, an armour.

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Manisha (sainimanisha422gmailcom) | 60 comments I agree. They definitely do feel real . Its like everyone is suffering from their own kind of trauma. Heathcliff is definitely not someone who forgives easily and that's what real to a great extent. When someone's been through so much , its kind of hard to let go of the hatred and the feeling of how one has been done wrong by everyone. The end was a mix of sadness and hapiness . Heathcliff was so lonely and all because of REVENGE. It just teaches us that this REVENGE normally doesn't help in anyway and instead leaves us feeling empty and sad. But you have to agree that it was funny that how Heathcliff no longer wants revenge and I was like-Dude !Haven't you done enough already.? Hahahahah. Your freaking son died and you were only worried about the land.But what can we say humans are subject to emotions of every kind ,some handle it better than others. What do you think about Ms. Nelly. I found the woman really sweet . She was such a huge support for Cathy and she was worried about almost everyone. Don't you think?

message 11: by Carmen (new)

Carmen | 44 comments I totally agree with you. They are all derailed, their passions lead them the wrong way and it's as bad for Heathcliff to focus on revenge as it is for Cathy to try to silence her real self and feelings as all they create is pain and chaos. I forgot to answer you about Heathcliff being mean to Hareton ( who surely didn't deserve it) but for Heathcliff he is just a vessel to retalite how Hindley treated him. As regards Nelly... she is an unreliable narrator as shee is too close to the events, according to herself she cares about everyone, offers help and compassion, she is also morally superior and more civilized. But I don't trust her completely I think she's telling the story as it suits her better.

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Manisha (sainimanisha422gmailcom) | 60 comments I'm so sorry Carmen. I've been busy with some stuff and couldn't reply sooner. And yes now that you say I do think Nelly might be glorifying herself and is actually narrating the story as it suits her. What about the ghost, is it like some of the villager's imagination as they are all used to knitting stories to pass time or do you think Catherine really has been waiting for Heathcliff? I'll admit this whole ghost thing did confuse me.

message 13: by Carmen (new)

Carmen | 44 comments Don't worry Manisha. Feel free to catch up whenever you have time. I'll be glad. The ghosts... I guess it depends how romantic you are. I am all in for Catherine and Heathcliff reuniting in the afterlife. In fact one of my favourite parts is when he asks her to haunt him in order to be together. I Would like them to have a possibility for happiness and redemption. I also think that real or not their memory is one to linger in the moors and their inhabitants. So the ghost may as well represent the weight of past lives into the new ones.. past and future go hand in hand.

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Carmen | 44 comments On a different note. Are you interested in watching the movie or have you already done so??

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Manisha (sainimanisha422gmailcom) | 60 comments I am definitely interested in watching the movie and I plan to do it as soon as possible. :)

message 16: by Carmen (new)

Carmen | 44 comments I watched one with Ralph Fiennes and Juliette Binoche and a TV movie with Tom Hardy but I prefer the book. Enjoy it though and tell me what you think :)

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Manisha (sainimanisha422gmailcom) | 60 comments I was thinking about Catherine's daughter who was Catherine again .She seemed nice in the beginning but I was quite shocked when her attitude changed towards poor Hareton once she knew he wasn't rich.I don't know what went through her.I mean she flipped totally and fell in love with Linton.And yeah that was quite romantic how Heathcliff begs her spirit to remain on Earth—asking her to take whatever form she will, she may haunt him, drive him mad—just as long as she does not leave him alone.

message 18: by Carmen (new)

Carmen | 44 comments Yes. Young Catherine. Maybe it is the double thing. History repeating.Both Catherines loving somebody not suitable for them as neither Heathcliff nor Hareton are considered their equals. Both choosing a Linton instead,that being the wrong option. Perhaps Heathcliff was playing the masterpuppeteer in the shadows.But Hareton and Young Catherine are together in the end so there's a glimpse of hope, don't you think?

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Manisha (sainimanisha422gmailcom) | 60 comments Absolutely. I'm glad she decided to marry Hareton but then all's well if it ends well. :)

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