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Yuri | 4 comments TIME
I read this book in 1993 but it was a well-loved second-hand paperback and from the style of writing and absence of "dating technology" it could have been written any time after the 1950s.

No "datable" technologies come to mind, the plot is definitely taking place before the advent of mobile phones.

I read this book in German but it was from a regular publisher of international thriller fiction (tempted to call it "pulp" but that may actually a misuse of the word - I am thinking of Edgar Wallace, Ellery Queen, Gardener) and the description of US life in the close community was very detailed and believable.

The HERO (possibly ex-military or police) decides to visit an old BUDDY he has not seen for quite a while, BUDDY got married and lives in a remote and/or close-knit community. (I seem to remember that hroughout the latter part the tension was at least partly due to the fact that they felt a bit remote, whether that was from a weather event, broken phones or simply physical location... no idea).

BUDDY is actually in a bad way (and I think has been for a while) - very much what we would call "locked in syndrome" after a violent event. Pretty sure that he gets put in a wheelchair during the day, but is requiring 24hr looking after. His wife and HERO clearly have some background together, thus I shall call her LOVE INTEREST. Could be that she actually asked him to come.

While staying with BUDDY and LOVE INTEREST, HERO gets to talk to the other people in the community and tension starts ramping up, it gets quite claustrophobic as HERO realises that someone may still have it in for BUDDY despite his precarious state.

During the denouement a lot of fire is involved, I seem to recall a communit bonfire, but a house may burn down as well.

Buddy dies.

That's as much as I remember.

Thank you for reading!
And thank you for reading this post :-p


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Ingo (ilembcke) | 617 comments Maybe of help, as I am also German, and read some of the same types of books during that time, the German publisher may be Ullstein, Heyne or Goldmann, cover yellow?

This story does not sound familiar to me, but the main idea sound a lot like something the late Ross Thomas would write, timeframe may fit, maybe not. During 1980-1990 (rough guess) I read a quite a few German translations of his books, and this kind of story could come from him. Beware, tough when I later tried to read one of books again in English, it was way longer, then I remembered (the translator or publisher left roughly 1/3 of the story on the cutting room floor). Was not able to get into it again, wanted to try again later, but so far did not have the right frame of mind.

Or what about the other Ross Ross Macdonald?

Both wrote about P.I.'s, former government agents / special forces people and the like.
Anyway, maybe this stirs some memory or helps.

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Lobstergirl | 39280 comments Mod
Yuri, are you still looking for this or did you find it?

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