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message 1: by Richard (new)

Richard Nurse (theantiquepoet) | 63 comments I would like to take a moment here to thank the Review Group in general, and without mention specific members names to say a big THANK YOU for those that reached out and contacted me regarding their reviews of my works. The message has been received, and I am now in the process of having my books go through an Editorial Assessment, re-write if necessary, and then a final edit and copy/proof edit.

It was a big decision, but the right one, if I want to grow and improve as an author. I can write a story, now I need to publish a book.

Emma, I didn't add the name of the Editorial Group I am using, as I did not know if it is appropriate in this area or not.

Richard Nurse

message 2: by Emma, Group Admin (new)

Emma Jaye | 4039 comments Mod
I'd like to know, and I should think I'm not the only one. Post away.

message 3: by Richard (new)

Richard Nurse (theantiquepoet) | 63 comments I discovered Story Perfect Editing Service while researching different editing groups.
I was impressed with what I read, and with their choice of services, plus they are available either in a package or al a carte.

I sent and e-mail to their senior editor, and owner with an idea for a project, and by the time we had worked out a plan, I felt like I had made a new friend.

I sent them my Mystery/Thriller/Detective series "Jasper, Street-Fighter and Me" to have an editorial assessment done. Book one of the Series, "Candie is not always Sweet" started pretty fast out of the gate, and then flattened out. There are three more books in the series at present, and the lowest rated is 4.6. None of the three other books in the series, had the sales numbers like the first, and when I ran "Goodreads Giveaways" for the book, the number of entries progressively became lower.

I was pretty sure I knew what the problem was, grammar and punctuation... Their assessment of the first book, was excellent. Extremely well thought out, and a blending of critique and praise. The assessment also came with suggestions to make the book better, and suggestions that might improve the story itself.

By the time I had finished reading the Editorial Assessment, I was excited about writing again, and my head was already filling with ideas of how to implement their suggestions. Candie, grew by 7,000 plus words, and is now what I consider a five star book.

I am having Story Perfect Editing Services do an Editorial Assessment on the four books in the series, and then I will make changes as necessary, and then it will go back to Story Perfect for its final copy edit and proofing.

Even without have new sales results yet, I would still highly recommend anyone to check out John Robin, the owner of Story Perfect Editing Services, and his excellent team of editors, copy editors, and proof readers.

Richard Nurse

On a follow up note, I just heard from my cover designer in Australia, Paul Potiki, and the used the covers had has done for me, and part of his portfolio that he submitted to win acceptance in a year long Graphic Arts program, down under.

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