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E Evan walked into a cabin on the train. He had an iPod with him and had his headphones in. This would be the last time he could listen to his music this year. He carried his bags and his broom and placed them on the overhead storage. He sat back sighing and placed his hands behind his head.

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Lysander stood in the doorway of the train. He didn't know where he was, but He was pretty sure it was a train. He walked in as if sleepwalking and sat down. Lyssander didn't notice if anyone said hello, for he was in his own world. The window was fogged with the small breaths he took. He quickly wiped away the condensation and looked out once more.

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Anna was furious. Where was her brother now? Probably off with that no good Potter, she though. Her whiteblonde hair hung loose around her shoulders, and her poisonous green eyes scanned everywhere, searching for her older yet childish brother. She was already in her school uniform, wearing everything apart from that little cloak. Everything looked normal up until her boots.

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Lyssander gazed out the window. They weren't moving yet, but he still thought the view looked pretty. He sighed and turned around in the seat trying to get comfy. Lyssander was hoping his brother would come though but he didn't show it.

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Anna looked inside the cabin her usual frown on her face. She noticed Lyssander and rolled her eyes. "Has my brother passed through here?" She asked.

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((Plane ride, no wifi, just got home to simplify it.))

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Lyssander looked up lazily. "I don't know." He said truthfully, "Hey, have I seen to before?@ he asked confused.

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((Okay, get some rest then. Idk about you but plane rides tire me out..))

'Where is that no good brother of mine?!'
Anna's train of thought was interrupted with the boy speaking. "Possibly, we go to the same school, so it is quite obvious that we might have seen one another." She rolled her eyes.

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((Did on the plane, and thanks for your caring!))
Lyssander nodded. He got up out of th hair and stretched. "I'm, Lyssander?" He asked slightly confused on how to pronounce his own name.

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((No problem :) ))

Anna raised an eyebrow. "Anna Malfoy," she said. She held her head high upon saying her name. She was proud to be a Malfoy, or at least that's what most people thought. She looked at the older boy, looking him up and down. 'Just another silly pupil, she thought.

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Lyssander nodded, "Okay," he said as if in a trance. He shook his head a little, trying to get focused. "Who's your brother?" He asked.

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"Sadly, I am related to Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy," she said with disgust. "If you didn't notice we share the same surname." She crossed her arms over her chest.

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Lyssander nodded, "I can help you look for him." He said tapping a wand against his leg. He smiled slightly to himself. He swatted away an invisible fly and rubbed him hand on the bench.

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"Absolutely not! I don't need your help, or anyone's for that matter," she snapped. She could handle herself just fine, she didn't need anyone help! And she wasn't about to give up on that.

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Without her looking Lyssander grabbed at her wand. He smiled to himself knowing he took it. Lyssander twirled it around and set it down, probably not going to touch it again. "Okay." He said relived he didn't have to help.

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((He took her wand?))

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((Yeah, he's a bit of a Kleptomaniac.))

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((Hmm, well he's going to get his butt kicked when Anna finds out. R.I.P))

Anna rolled her eyes. "Whatever." She said flipping a strand of hair out of her face. She stalked off. Fuming silently.

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((Yeah, that'll probably happen often to him.))
Lyssander waved and sat down again. He sighed and turned to the one other person in the compartment. He smiled slightly and turned back to the window.

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The train pulled into Hogsmeade Station

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