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Cathrine | 7 comments During the movement West, a family discovers that nothing about the West is the same as it was in the city. The family of eight, 3 sons (2 married) and 3 daughters (2 married-youngest remains), now live on a ranch near or in a military compound (betrouthed is a military officer??)

One day, the youngest daughter goes out, alone, for a ride on her horse; after stopping in a medow to sketch the landscape, a group of indian hunters enter the meadow and see her after they've finished hunting and pursue her. The girl flees on her horse in fear, and hides in the forest; however, one indian finds her, scares ber but doesn't harm her. The two so become friends (and perphaps lovers?)

After a few months of sneeking out, family and/or military and tribe find out and threats of fighting errupt. Now the two have to decide to be together or return to their lives of rules and traditions.

Hylian Princess  (hylianprincess) | 10 comments Mod
Linda eyed the front door as best she could around her father's large frame, waiting for the first possible moment of escape from her unaccepting family.
"I did not raise you to be so stupid you would want to marry an Indian boy," her father was in the process of yelling, "You have heard the stories of those take captive. Those Indians turn white women into slaves. Do you want to be his slave?"
"Or worse, her babies will be Indians too," her mother chipped in, not even looking at her daughter.
Linda continued to stare over her father's shoulder. Her face was set hard, as though it could shield her from their harsh words.
"We are already warring with their people across the colonies, and we are close to it here. Your thoughtless actions will ensure the spilling of blood," her father was still yelling.
Linda suddenly left to her feet, her fights clenched so tight she could feel her fingernails piercing her skin.
"Atop is not like that!" she shouted back, stomping her foot. Her blonde hair was beginning to slip out of it's braid and it framed her face in wild curls. "He has a family and they are people, just like you!" With a strength she did not know she had, Linda shoved her father to the side and ran out the door. A satisfying crack told Linda it had slammed shut behind her.

Linda had been sitting alone in the branches of the tallest tree by the river for several minutes before she could hear another body forcing its way through the thick branches. She didn't have to look down to know who it was; this was her's an Atohi's favorite spot where they always met up. HIs face popped up through a branch, his wide eyes twinkling with delight, "Linda! I happy you here!" Linda grinned and helped steady him as he joined her on her branch. She had been teaching him English over the last few months and he had made great progress. Linda struggled to learn more than few words in his language, however.
"Untie hair, please," Atohi reached for her braid. He loved to watch Linda's hair float around in the breeze.
"Why don't you untie yours? It is longer than mine, after all," Linda laughed as she unwove the strands of her braid. Atohi's long black hair was pulled back with a simple leather string. He shook his head, "My hair not made of gold."
Linda smiled again, but her face quickly dropped the expression.
"Did your father beat you, Atohi?" she whispered. He again shook his head, "No. But he very mad. He say you want to trick me."
"My father said something similar," Linda sighed, gazing down at the river below them. After a moment of silence, Linda asked, "Did we start a war?" Atohi did not answer. Instead he reached out and took Linda's hand. They sat in silence for a few moments longer, just enjoying the comfort of each other's presence.
Atohi finally broke the silence with a question of his own, "Linda. Can I kiss you?" Linda was equal parts thrilled and mortified.
"Atohi, my mother would be horrified if she knew!"
Atohi grinned mischievously, and laughed loudly.
"We already broke biggest rule," he said, sliding closer. Linda returned his grin, "So what's one more?" With that, Linda leaned forward and kissed her Indian boy.

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