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Three Day Road
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Three Day Road, by Joseph Boyden

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Tracey (traceyrb) I read this book as week 4, an author new to me and discovered in 2015.

It is rare a book gets 5 stars from me. When a book does it means that it has been written well, with insight, imagination, passion, vision, truth and intelligence. This book is amongst this class of book.
Set around and during WWI, it tells the story of Canadian Second Division and especially 2 native Canadians. Their experiences amidst some of the most brutal and decisive battles, the camaraderie and hardship of trench warfare living, and the struggle for survival and sanity is woven in with the story of where they came from and want to return to.
I loved the book and learnt so much from it about the battles fought and the Canadian Native soldiers who volunteered to fight alongside their fellow country men. I learnt about snipers in WWI and some Native Canadian beliefs.
Altogether a book that will find a place on my bookshelf to be read again and to be recommended to family and friends

Anastasia (anastasiaharris) | 1305 comments I agree with this book being a great book. It is a difficult book to give definition to.

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