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Here we are!

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments Thanks, so who would you rather play? Elliot or Nick?

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I wanna try Elliott. So I can be a badass lol

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments Lol okay, let me create me character then ^^

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments ↳Name↴ Valentina Munch
↳Nicknames↴ Val, Tina, Vally, Valentine, Todd

↳Gender↴ Female
↳Age↴ 25 years old
↳DOB↴ March 6th, 1991
↳TOB↴ 3:39 AM
↳POB↴ Dublin, Ireland



↳Personality↴ TBRPD
↳History↴ Born to Gwen Munch and John Munch, Valentina was raised in a foster home when she was a baby because John could not take care of her himself, although when she turned five. Valentina also had a twin brother named Cole Munch that was also raised with her, John raised them both when he realzied he could not live with knowing he gave up his own children, so he raised them both. Valentina loved her father and knew about her story, she didn't care as long as her father always loved her, in which he did, in fact, she is his favorite because, daddies little girl, wanted to be just like him. Valentina grew up learning everything from her father, and now at age 25 she is about to become an detective in his precinct.


Cole Munch - Twin Brother ( Alive, her only biological brother )
John Munch - Father ( Alive )
Gwen Munch - Mother ( Alive )


Gigi - Male Pitbull

↳Sexuality↴ Heterosexual
↳Crush↴ ...... Soon ....... Elliot Spencer
↳Relationship↴ Married to her YouTube Channel XD

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Very nice. Now where would you like to start?

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments Maybe Val becomes a new detective and she becomes Elliot's new partner?

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments Okay then!


Munch was in Cragen's office with a woman who had blonde hair and a nose ring, an Irish accent could be heard from the woman's voice as she spoke, Fin just stood and watched with a bunch of other detectives as Cragen spoke to the two. " I wonder who the girl is, she looks a little like Munch," Fin said to Elliot.

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"She does have some resemblance" Elliott replied as he still there watching. Could this be his new partner? Ever since Olivia had left they told him he would be getting another partner

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments " Wait. Didn't Munch say he had a daughter? What was her name again?" Fin said, he went over to Munch's desk and began rummaging around, he kept looking at the picture of two young kids and Munch, he ignored it and kept looking.

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Elliott decided to just sit there. He was growing more and more curious to who this new girl was. But he pushed the thought away when he heard the phone ring by his desk. He walked over and answered it. "Special Victims" he greeted and listened on the phone

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments Fin was still rummaging, he found a framed birth certificate in John's drawer, he found two and picked them both up and read them, " He does have a daughter, and a son, his son's name is Cole Valentine Munch and his daughter's name is....., Fin began but was interrupted by Munch himself. " Valentina John Munch."
" Sorry Munch, I was just curious," Fin said.
" Save it Fin, Elliot," John said coming over.

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Elliott held a finger up, stopping him from talking. "Ma'am, just calm down." His face went blank before turning serious. "Hold on and I'll be out" He said as he got off the phone and grabbed his jacket. "A Sarah called, saying someone was following her. It matched the description of the Gunnar case" he told him

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments " Well before you go check it out Elliot, This is Detective Valentina John Munch, your new partner, and John's daughter, don't treat her like she's new, she knows what she's doing, bring her alone Elliot," Cragen said as he went back to his office, John went to his desk and he swiped the framed birth certificates from Fin's hands and put them back in their places in a drawer.

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"Well it's a pleasure, but we don't have much time" he told then as he started to hurry or the door. Once he got to his car, he waited for her to get in as well

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments Valentina hurried after him and quickly got into the car, " No need to brief me on the Gunnar case, my dad already did and then Cragen did as well, but they didn't tell me the victimology," Valentina said, a strict Irish accent on her lips.

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"There's been two victims so far, but the first one was found dead. The second was found nearly dead. Shes recovering in the hospital right now. But if we don't hurry, they'll be a third victim" he told her as he sped away from the precinct and towards the woman that called.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments Valentina nodded, she began jotting some things down, but couldn't concentrate, she reached into her pocket and grabbed her iPod, she put her headphones on and began writing again. Valentina began jotting things again and she narrrowed her eyes, " The M.O. matches a similar M.O. to a serial killer my FBI team profiled years ago," Valentina mumbled, headphones still in her ears.

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"FBI? You were in the FBI?" he asked as he continued driving down the road. He was growing more and more curious about her by the second. Elliott did have a military background, being in the Marines, but never in the FBI.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments " Yes," Valentina mumbled as she began writing and drawing in her little notebook, " Anything else about the M.O.?" Valentina asked him.

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"We're not entirely sure, but he seems to have a problem with therapists, considering that what both victims were" he told her. By that time he was pulling up to the place the woman was at.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments Valentina nodded, " Same with our serial killer," Valentina said as she stepped out, she looked at Elliot, " Where did this woman call you from?" Valentina asked.

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"From her cellphone on this street. Keep a lookout" he told her as he started to look around

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments " Do you know what this woman looks like?" Valentina asked, she brought out her phone if needed, it had a law made app that was used by all law enforcement officers to help with cases,

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"No but I told her to go to a public place and stay there until we got here. Maybe she's in the café at the corner" he told her and was about to say something what before he was interrupted a scream. He immediately began running towards the scream

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments Valentina ran faster, she passed Elliot and ran towards the scream, she took her earbuds out and kept running until she reached the source, she couldn't see anything so she called out, " SARAH!" Valentina called out.

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Elliot was soon beside her, looking around for Sarah when something got his attention out of the corner of his eye. He drew his gun and snapped to the left, pointing at a guy before they took off. "Cut him off" he told her as he took off after the guy. "FREEZE" He yelled as he ran after him

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments Valentina nodded she ran and found another way, soon she hopped over the fence just in time and jumped onto the guy, crushing him to the ground, she waited for Elliot, she smirked and got close, " You like going after women who can't defend themselves? Where's Sarah?" Valentina demanded as she shoved the guys face into the cement.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments (( Boop ))

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Elliott showed up seconds after she did. "Nice job" he told her as he knelt down inverting if the guy. "Go ahead, take me to jail, but you'll never find that woman" the guy a smirk. Elliott helped get him up after handcuffing him. He stuffed him into the backseat if his car

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments Valentina wasn't even out of breath, she glared at the guy before she then went back over to the spot she had jumped on him, she began looking around just in case the man dropped anything, she she retraced his steps back to the area he was just in.

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Elliott started behind to make sure the guy wasn't going anywhere. He went ahead and called in and told everyone else that they have suspect in custody

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments Valentina narrowed her eyes, she noticed something in the dumpster, she made her way over and made sure it wasn't a human being, when she sure it wasn't, she jumped into the dumpster and grabbed the thing she saw, she looked at it and smelled it, it had the guys cologne wrapped all over, she hopped out and went back to Elliot, " Looks like he was trying to hide something," Valentina said holding up a black bag that looked unusually heavy and reeked of the guys cologne.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments ( Boop )

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"Well well well, let's see then" he told her with a slight smirk and began skipping in a pair of gloves walking over to where she was at before opening the bag.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments Valentina held the bag, her hands hadn't touched it, only her sleeves that were covering her hands.

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Just when Elliott was about to look inside, screeching tires could be heard in the distance. His head snapped up to see a vehicle hurling down the road towards them. Before Elliott could react to anything else, an explosion of gunfire redeveloped the vehicle

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Escaped the vehicle*

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments (( I don't get the last part, what do you mean gunfire escaped the vehicle? ))

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((drive by basically))

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments (( ahh! Okay ))

Valentina grabbed Elliot by the arm and pulled him down behind their car, she popped her head up, gun drawn and she began shooting at the shooter from the other vehicle. Valentina grabbed her phone, and without even putting the gun down, she snapped a photo of the vehicle, in hope of getting a license plate or something.

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Elliott was holding his shoulder that was bleeding a bit. He looked up at his vehicle, "Call a bus" he told her as he looked at the blood on the inside of his car.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments Valentina called a bus as soon as she was finished with the picture, she got down and held a hand tightly over his, " You're losing a lot of blood," Valentina muttered, she had got hit in the leg, but she ignored the seering pain and focused on Elliot

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"I'm fine. Check on the perp." he told her as he got up and started to look into the vehicle. He opened the and seen the guy just laying there. "He's still has a pulse" he told her. Soon an ambulance could be heard approaching from a distance

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments Valentina tried standing once again, she stood with a hiss of pain and comes over to the perp and checks his pulse, seeing Elliot was correct, " He does have a pulse but he's not gonna live for long, one of the bullets hit an major artery," Valentina said, she was holding up pretty well, but her leg was bleeding too much. " Good, God don't let my father go crazy," Valentina muttered as she held her leg.

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((Sorry. it's been a little hectic at work today. Give me a couple minutes and I'll reply))

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments (( Okay ^^ ))

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments (( Little reminder! ^^

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