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Which series do you like better: A Court of Thorns and Roses or Throne of Glass???


Throne of Glass

ƦƛƔЄƝ Definitely!
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This is such an evil question and I love both almost equally but it has to be ACOTAR. It has Rhysand so...

I actually really like both, although my preference goes to ACOTAR. This is probably mostly due to the fact that I read ACOTAR first and back then I could only really read first person point of views, which made TOG a little difficult.

I love how Aelin is a powerful Queen from the beginning even though she denies it in the beginning. I love her love for her Kingdom and the things she is willing to do for them.

I love how Feyre basically started from the bottom and worked her way up to High Lady of the Night Court.

I love how neither ladies married their first partner. I love how both books had characters with mental issues, physical issues etc. It is so different from what I'm used to from other books and I sincerely applaud Sarah for that.

Tjrone of glass, obviously. To me, it has more depth and complicity and more characters.

ACOTAR definitely!

i loved both, and even though i read acotar first i have to say ToG because of Aelin, i find her character a lot more entertaining to read, i also LOVE Rowan and i find myself preferring him over Rhysand BECAUSE of the fact that Rowan and Aelin didn't know they were mates until later on in the series, whereas Rhysand knew and therefor his actions torwards Feyre weren't ones made by his heart, but made because he knew they were mates. Did that make sense? I can't be the only one who thinks this...


Def ACOTAR especially after I finished ACOMAF! I just love it to much to not put it on the first place. But let me tell you Throne of glass is almost as good! but almost not quite as good as ACOTAR/ACOMAF :) I feel like the writing is more advanced in the ACOTAR series.

So I just got a court of thrones and roses 🌹 at Barnes and noble and I can't wait to read it how exiting!!! I also got the second book 📚 and third as well just can't wait to read them.

There can only be one answer to this and it is Throne Of Glass

I’m going to have to go throne of glass because it changed my life in so many ways. I think Sara j Maas has achieved a level of creation no other book I’ve read has had. And I’ve read a lot of books

I'd probably have to say ACOTAR mostly because I enjoy the depth of the characters, like Feyre is a completely different person after she's been under the mountain, and Celaena turns into Aelin, but the transition of Feyre's story line is much more developed and believeable I think that's probably why I like it so much.


I’m 12 years old and read all the books in ToG and the first two in ACoTaR and am about to start on the third. I love fantasy and fell in love with ToG. (Which I read first). I just recently read ACoTaR and I find it to be much more developed and believeable, with a better love story as well. The characters face challenges like those in the real world, so many people can relate to their situations. However, I am a huge Aelin fan, and surprisingly can relate to her better than Feyre, and as much as I love Rhysand, I like Rowan better. I enjoy the action and suspense that I found in ToG. For me, I’m kind of leaning towards ToG simply because I read fantasy to escape. I get that more in ToG. Rowaelin 5ever.

This is really hard but... ACOTAR. I'd probably like Throne of Glass more if it had the same level writing ACOTAR and ACOMAF but I love both series so much. Definitely my top two favorite series.

Definitely ACOTAR but TOG is a VERY close second

Throne of Glass all the way. Even though I really liked it both, I feel more connected to Aelin than Feyre.

I loved both the series tbh. But after reading TOG, which i read first, I could never connect that much w ACOTAR. I felt that connection to Celaena/Aelin which I never felt w Feyre. ACOTAR has always been a bit too cliche for me, and at times it even felt a bit dry. One of the main reasons I liked ACOTAR was because of Rhys and the inner circle and not because of Feyre. With Celaena/Aelin, it was always like she was so sure of herself and she was also kind and powerful, but Feyre comes across as helpless sometimes. Aelin calculated and planned and sacrificed so much. Also Rowaelin was very precious. I just don't like Feyre enough to care about her story and the only reason I kept reading the ACOTAR series was sheer curiosity and Rhys. But w Aelin I was sure that she would never let herself become one of those people who would have to lean on anyone other than themself and would have to take even a bit of charity from someone. Aelin has done so much to prove herself time and again and has never shied away from a fight.

I prefer the writing style and fast pace of TOG. ACOTAR does have a much better love story, if that's what the reader were looking for. If I didn't know these were written by the same person, I would never have guessed it.. The styles are just sooooo different.

Both are very good series!

I loved ACOTAR, especially the happy ending but TOG is the series I started with and the one I definitely love the most. (Though both are amazing!!!)

Acotar!! I thought that having so many books in the tog series kind of threw me off, so even though acotar isn't technically over yet, the story was wayy easier to grasp


I love both series so much, and SJM is my favorite author, so this is really difficult for me but . . . if I had to choose I'd say TOG, but I can relate more to Feyre and Mor, so this is hard.

Don’t get me wrong I will 100% choose Rhysand over Rowan any day of the week, but in terms of the plot and character development, I would say I prefer TOG. I found that TOG had far more depth and complexity plot wise than ACOTAR. Some may say this was due to the length of the series in comparison to ACOTAR, however I found that it was simply just because SJM paid as much attention to the development of the plot as she did the romance. I found myself noticeably more attached to side characters in TOG eg. Asterin than I did main characters in ACOTAR eg. Mor, as i found TOG characters stories far more emotionally compelling. However, both series are really great reads and I would recommend either!

I think it depends. The language and writing are a little more juvenile in Throne of Glass. A Court of Thorns and Roses is definitely for more mature audiences, around 17+. But I prefer ACOTAR since the plot and characters seem more fleshed out and detailed.

I can't decide! They are both AMAZING!!

def ACOTAR, RHYSAND all the way!!!!!!!!!!!

This is such a hard decision. Both of them are brilliant reads. With ACOTAR I loved all of the main characters, except the sisters. I did not enjoy them being brought into the third installment one bit (I feel like I'm the only one who didn't like it). It was amazing to watch Feyre grow into a strong, fierce female who didn't need anyone's protection. BUT I think TOG has my heart. I love how fast paced it is and how badass Calaena turned out to be. The twists and turns in the book have my mind spinning constantly. She's a strong female protagonist who asks for no forgiveness from anyone other than Sam and Nehemia. Of course, you can't forget ROWAENA IS 4 LIFE.

Throne of glass all the way

It's easy. ACOTAR got me hooked and if you don't attach in ACOTAR you're gonna attach in ACOMAF. ACOMAF is THE most amazing book out there in the YA world whereas TOG, I found, was more childish and didn't hook me on till Heir of Fire so definitely one HELL of a big vote for ACOTAR


ACOTAR! Throne of Glass is great, but ACOTAR is simply better. I cant explain why.


ACOTAR all the way!!!!!

ACoTaR, simply because my hatred for R*wan Wh*tethorn and Alien Galongnamemarysue is stronger than any of the hatred I hold for anything in ACoTaR.

I love both series, but ACOTAR. Maybe they'd be tied if doraelin was a thing, but they both are some of my high fantasy favorites.

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I used to be able to say TOG immediately, but I just finished ACOMAF and the more I read into the series the more I'm loving it.

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Definitely ACOTAR. What I find most compelling about this series is the way its male lead unabashedly promotes the agency of its female lead character. All too often the alpha male leads of many fantasy series are smug individuals whose superiority is rarely challenged in an authentic way by the growth of the female lead character. Even where the heroine is allowed to grow into her powers, the lead male and female typically end up holding parallel positions of authority that are unrelated to one another in the chain of command. Thus the ascendancy of the alpha male character goes unchallenged. In both series, but especially in ACOTAR, Rhysand shares authority with Feyre and encourages her learning and personal growth. She is not his side kick, teddy bear or hand bag. He shares leadership of the Night Court with her. He allows her to take risks, make mistakes and importantly, demonstrate her authority as a leader both to their peers and within his inner circle of advisors.

I liked ACOTAR's style better. TOG is great and epic. Mind you, before SJM, there were no epic fantasy books with an immersive experience, and that was what made me fall in love with these books (though TOG, I wasn't so sure about when I read it by itself, as the only book published, I thought it would be a poppy teen book).

TOG=the series SJM had to market to sell. And by market, I mean, at that time, obligatory romantic triangle, wishy-washy-tourney style relatively safe writing. People forget that TOG might have been a three book series, if she hadn't wrote COM and blew everyone away.

So with experience, and enough popularity to write what she wanted, TOG got better. And, I feel like the complexity of that world, the way absolutely every story weaves together in this gorgeous tapestry (and I mean everything) is quite beautifully structured and planned. I wouldn't be surprised if SJM knows the name of Aelin and Rowan's 5th descendants and everyone's stories in between. So I appreciate the complexity and the genius of TOG's plot, as well as some of the themes.

ACOTAR, however, is a really fresh story. It's raw and organic. There's just a girl trying to survive. And this girl has no secrets. She's pretty much a nobody. But then she earns her way to the top and finds love and self-worth and happiness along the way. ACOTAR is personal in a way that TOG isn't.

I liked them both equally. But, as for the ability to re-read the series, I can really only do that with ACOTAR.

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Sarah Sorry, when I wrote this, by immersive, I was talking about stream-of-consciousness esque style of writing. I know that equating that with "immersive" ...more
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This is a hard question honestly. They both are sooo good. I love both books. But what if since there are portals, what if Aelin can go into Pyrthian and meet Rhys and Feyre.

Well I haven't read A Court of thorns and roses at all yet it's on my to read list right now but it would be throne of glass.

so here is the story. I read TOG first and I loved it. It was my favorite. When I read ACOTAR I also loved it, but I have to say that my fav is ACOTAR. TOG was great I love Aelin and Rowan and their relationship, the storyline in one for the generation. However, in ACOTAR I think the world of the Fae is better represented. I think thank Feyre worked her way from the bottom to the top, she is a relatable character and so is Aelin but I enjoyed ACOTAR more.

i think u can't really compare them, i mean TOG is about assassins , a lost princess, demons and even witches also celaena or Aelin has a really different background story than feyre and they are both totally different characters although they are both raging feminists. also the writing style is different bec after all TOG is young adult while ACOTAR id new adult so

TOG feels more fantasy-ish while ACOTAR leans more on the romantic side. ACOMAF is probably the only SJM book that I have very little to complain about and that I actually think is good. I think ACOTAR is probably for a more mature audience while TOG acts like an actual ya book (except for when you get to QOS then it doesn't act like ya). It just depends on what you want they have a lot of differences and it's just comes down to personal taste (like if you like longer series or shorter series or series with more characters or series with less characters)

I can't say yet because I haven't read A Court of Thorns and Roses. But it looks really good and I will report back when I have read it on what I think. :)

Definitely Throne of Glass. A Court of Thorns and Roses will probably contain a bit too much explicit scenes throughout all of the books. Both contain quite a lot of language, but personally, I just prefer Throne of Glass a lot over ACOTAR, mainly for two reasons. First, Throne of Glass contains more adorable creatures (*cough, cough* Fleetfoot and Abraxos), which definitely holds sway over me. Second, the female protagonist in Throne of Glass is strong and has the most powerful magic in their world (until she sacrifices her powers), whereas the female protagonist in ACOTAR is powerful, but her mate is much more powerful than her. But again, it's a matter of personal preference.

Throne of Glass.

ACOTAR and all the books in that series

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They are different but I do love ACOTAR more, mainly ACOMAF I wasn't in love with the first book but I am so glad I kept going. The second book made me love the first one even more because of the back story. I think it is also more relatable kinda haha.

I get depressed thinking about any other series because I don't think any will measure up and will I ever find another series I love as much?

I listened to Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom, okay but not great. Anyone find any other books that are on the same level or close? I am listening to ACOTAR and ACOMAF for like the 7th time this year. I have a problem lol.

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