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Paige I thought the author of “Forged By Fire,” was a good author, but she could have much more potential while writing her books. A lot of the times throughout the story the setting of the story would randomly change and I could not tell how old the main character was or where he was. However, the way the author wrote the story was very clear and I understood most of it. I really liked the dialogue, because it really showed how the main character and his sister were feeling throughout the story.

message 2: by Paige (new)

Paige The main character in “Forged By Fire” is named Gerald and throughout the story he showed endless strength when it came to very hard situations that he had to deal with. Throughout the story there were many bad things happening to Gerald and his family. All he could think about was protecting his little sister Angel. Angel is a very sweet little girl who did not know Gerald at first; but right when they met they connected and were best friends ever since. She was a shy girl who was afraid to tell Gerald things that had happened to her when she was a little girl. The things that had happened to her were caused by Jordan. Jordan was a very bad man who was married to Gerald and Angel’s mother. He wasn’t afraid of anybody and would do anything to get his way. Gerald’s mother Monique who was married to Jordan was afraid of Jordan and would do anything to make him happy. Jordan’s attitude had changed towards the end of the book, but eventually went back to his normal ways. Gerald, who is the main character, showed his strength and courage through the whole entire book with protecting his little sister and standing up against Jordan. Angel as she got older in the story, she became less shy and made friends.

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