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Booklover | 3 comments

I have over 5000 books to sort through so it'll take some time to get through them all. I will keep working on it.

I like to read mysteries, cozy mysteries, romances, fantasy, YA, dystopian, and chick lit. Many of my books have a supernatural theme to them. Please send me a message to let me know you want to borrow a book.

At this point I've had to step back from borrowing because I have so many books to read, but I don't know people that are looking to borrow books so I feel like my kindle lends are being wasted and I'm more than happy to lend to anyone.

If you look through my to-read/read shelves and find a book that you're interested in borrowing just message me and I will check to see if it's lendable. I have lent books in the past on other sites so some books have lost their lend, but I'm happy to check for you.

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Linda Buzard-Moffitt (lindamoffitt02) | 6 comments Do you have Hysteria by Megan Miranda

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