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Chatham and Mitochondrial DNA - help! SPOILERS
Angelbee Angelbee (last edited Jun 08, 2016 11:11AM ) Jun 08, 2016 11:10AM
I just finished the book yesterday, and the end has really left me reeling - caught me completely off guard! I've got some questions that I haven't been able to figure out, though.

First, the evidence. Virgil gets a call from Tallulah saying that the Mitochondrial DNA of the hair in the body bag matches Jenna - HOW!? All three are spirits, so 1) how did he get the hair in the first place? And 2) how could Tallulah have tested it against Jenna's DNA?

Second, Chatham, Jenna's childhood friend who disappeared - also dead? A psychic? While we're on the subject, how did Jenna get through school? It says at one point she starts failing tests... If the teachers don't know she's there, how are they testing her??

Just some things buzzing round my head in the aftermath! I feel like I'm missing something here - maybe someone can help?

Coming in very late to the conversation. I believe Catham is psychic. The other kids are described as ignoring Jenna, and I believe it is because they are not psychic. The failing test and DNA test I have no explanation for... I guess on the DNA test, remember that Tallulah is also dead. Perhaps she's trying to move the spirits along on their journey? Anyway, good catch on the weak spots.

Oh my goodness. I read this book ages ago. I remember the shock I felt at the end of the story, but I didn't notice all these little details. I'll read it again and hopefully get back to you if I understand.

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