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message 1: by Rishit (new)

Rishit | 8 comments Hey all authors and readers,
I am looking for books to read in exchange of a true review! But I can only read and review physical copies!
Any author willing to get review for there book can comment here or contact me at
Rishit :)

message 2: by Rishit (new)

Rishit | 8 comments Carly wrote: "Please provide a link to the reviews that you've done."

You can check them out in the
read section of my profile! I have not added and reviewed all the books I have read till date but still there are many!
Check them and tell me what you think!
Rishit :)

message 3: by Rishit (new)

Rishit | 8 comments Carly wrote: "Okay, thanks."

Anytime Carly! :)

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