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A little annoyed with the covers

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Britney (BookDrunkSloth) As beautiful as the covers for this series are, it's driving me absolutely crazy that the girl pictured isn't wearing a moon amulet. Especially since the books say it over and over again that they don't ever take them off. Had anyone ever noticed this? Mostly, this is just a small rant, but you'd think that the publisher would want the covers to properly reflect the book. I understand that Lynne Ewing probably wouldn't have even had a say in this, because unfortunately authors rarely have any input as to their books' covers. But you'd think that they would have asked her opinion...

Dhfan4life I'm right there with ya. Being a long time cover ho' it's always been my qualm, that authors don't have much say in regards to the covers of their own books. And even more so when most publishers don't even try and get the key components on the cover, i.e. the moon amulets for these characters. Just ugh.

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