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message 1: by Dhaval (new)

Dhaval Shah | 2 comments Does anyone have a collection of books Murakami mentions in his novels.. Tried searching a lot, will be great if anyone of you can help.


message 2: by Elsje (new)

Elsje (elsje_leest) | 9 comments That would be great to have indeed!
I just know that there is a Spotify-playlist with all the music mentioned in his books.

message 3: by Dennis (new)

Dennis | 6 comments What I would love help finding is a list that includes his short stories and lists the movies he alludes to or mentions. The books he mentions in his novels are of course significant and interest me, too. The effect is to draw readers from diverse cultures into "processing" his narratives.

message 4: by Dale (new)

Dale Mallows (mallowswins) | 3 comments Try r/murakami on reddit.

message 5: by Dhaval (new)

Dhaval Shah | 2 comments @Elsje: yeah i figured that out too albeit not on spotify (doesnt work in India)

@Dennis: Great idea! why cant we make a separate thread just keep on mentioning books, songs or movies whatever we come across in his novels?

@Dale: No luck man

Anyways this is all I found, please help if someone else comes through anything interesting

message 6: by Elsje (new)

Elsje (elsje_leest) | 9 comments Maybe there's a playlist on YouTube as well? :-)

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