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message 1: by Jen (new)

Jen | 1545 comments Homecoming is a debut novel by Yaa Gyasi that is getting a lot of buzz in the literary community. I met the author at BEA this year and picked up a copy of her book. The novel is about the impacts of slavery on the soul of a people. It starts with the splitting apart of a family from Ghana. Effia and Esi are half sisters. Effia is married off to an Englishman and sent to love at the Cape Coast Castle, a building from where Africans are sold into slavery. Effia essentially becomes the second wife to a White Englishman who has his family (wife and children) living in the UK. Unbeknownst to Effia, her half sister is sold off and passes through the castle dungeons before being sold into slavery and sent to the U.S.

Each chapter of the book covers a different family member, moving through the generations until modern times. The chapters alternate between the family lines of Effia and Esi. Effia's family, for the most part, stays living in Africa dealing with the impact of slavery on the free Africans and the effects of colonialism and civil war. Esi's family line stays in the US so they highlight slavery from the other side through the civil war and into modern day racism.

The book is highly ambitious and huge in scope but it worked for me. I thought it was really well written and very well done. I will say that the parts in Africa were my favorite and the parts and the parts in the US at times felt a little simplistic. Regardless, I thought it was a very compassionate and sensitive look at how both the free and the imprisoned were impacted by slavery and how that weight bore down on them for generations.

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message 2: by Nicole R (new)

Nicole R (drnicoler) | 7644 comments Great review! Better review on your blog :) You have convinced me to read this much-buzzed-about book and I am keeping my fingers crossed to win the copy you are giving away!

message 3: by Jen (new)

Jen | 1545 comments Good luck! I always root for my winners to be from this group!

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