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w. r. chapman and co.
i. work in progress title and story.
ii. please leave constructive criticism in my discussion topic; i'd like a lot of it as i'm pretty shaky with writing anything.
iii. this is very heavily sherlock holmes inspired obviously—mainly bbc?
iv. will be posted in small two or three paragraph 'chapters' every once in a while.

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chapter i

w. r. chapman and co. was, as i was always told, the best place to go for any peculiar happenings-about. but as a child it always puzzled me that only two people could solve crime so quickly. the pairing, chapman and his 'companion', i suppose, thomas, lived above us and i could always hear clients stomping up and down the stairs at all hours of the night. chapman was known to be some kind of genius, being able to trace a mystery from one clue and whatnot, noticing more than normal.

the closest i had ever been to meeting them was delivering an annual christmas basket my mother made for neighbors, and in all honesty i hoped to never have to walk over there for more than that. it wasn't that i thought they were mean, they were just strange. you heard about them in the papers all the time for 'helping the queen recover her precious jewels' or 'chapman and co. solves impossible murder case', but the papers also thought chapman's intelligence was so high he was a sociopath, creating these cases for himself solely because he was bored. with all that, it was no surprise the duo found themselves in the paper weekly, half of it being praise and half of it being rumors.

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chapter ii
last year, in november, the richest family at my school, the astors, scheduled their annual holiday party. it was something that the whole city came to, with celebrity guests and a promise to be even better next year. the full-out concerts that played were always a bit too much for me, but i would usually go with some friends and eat good food and maybe take a picture with someone famous. i never would have assumed something bad would ever happen at this joyful of an event, but it turns out i was wrong.

the extravaganza was really a concert, banquet, and holiday bazaar wrapped into one, and it took place at hale park, downtown. the park was known for its pond poised in the very center. the pond was a popular place to have ant-infested picnics and watch fireworks during the summer, and was the main place in the city to ice skate, on the frozen over surface, although it had never been open during the party, supposedly because of safety and money concerns. the rink was going to be the main attraction this year, and everyone seemed thrilled about it even if it was only a pond they went to at every other time of the year.

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