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The Big Read 2016

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message 1: by Rolando (new)

Rolando | 102 comments Mod
Wichita Public Library announced that Fahrenheit 451 is the book for the Big read later this year. What do folks think of making it our book for October?

More info here:

message 2: by Suzanne (new)

Suzanne (suzannekm) | 76 comments I read it a few years ago but wouldn't mind rereading it--always relevant.

message 3: by Del (new)

Del (goodreadscomdel_smith) | 32 comments Very convenient choice for me. Eclectic Readers typically choose the Big Read book for October

message 4: by Del (new)

Del (goodreadscomdel_smith) | 32 comments Is anyone going to post a comment about "The Kite Runner"?

message 5: by Suzanne (new)

Suzanne (suzannekm) | 76 comments I read it several years ago. I remember getting bogged down in the traumatic parts, but felt like I was learning more about the Taliban and the culture in general. Not my favorite book, but worth reading.

message 6: by Del (new)

Del (goodreadscomdel_smith) | 32 comments (Didn't want to be first.) I too had to work to get through the traumatic parts. How the concept of family can be viewed so differently in different cultures and the price paid for keeping guilty secrets intrigued me. I was told by friends that Hossein's next boo, "A Thousand ..... [something}" is much better. I plan to check that out.

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