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message 1: by Mia (new)

Mia Arden (miaarden) | 3 comments Hey!

I'm a new author! My first book, Going Bearserk, was just released today! It's only 99 cents. I'm also looking for ARC reviewers for my upcoming paranormal romance, so message/reply if you'd like a free copy of what I write next.

Blurb for Going Bearserk: A Viking Shifter Romance

I never believed in scary stories. Now I know better.

Now I’m on the run, looking for a new life. One where I can be free from my family’s expectations and safe from the darkness I discovered.

Enter Iohan, the mysterious and sexy stranger who rescues me from a mishap in the mountains. He’s a bit odd, sure, but he’s over six feet of jaw-dropping, muscular handsomeness. He also seems determined to protect me. Surely I can’t have found my new life already—and not with this man. After all, I’m beginning to suspect Iohan has a secret of his own…

I am a warrior with no battles to fight. Ripped from my time by a mysterious curse, I am destined to wait out the rest of my days alone. I have no faith, no family, no home.

When Lana appears in my mountains, she unlocks something inside of me. Something that I thought I could never feel again. She is running, and I am drawn to protect her. To make her mine. I can only hope that I will not become more dangerous to her than what she is running from…

Going Bearserk is a standalone novella (25k+) with a HEA

message 2: by Stacy (new)

Stacy | 15 comments This sounds pretty interesting. Just 1-clicked it.

message 3: by Mia (new)

Mia Arden (miaarden) | 3 comments Thank you so much! That just made me do a happy dance in my living room. I hope you enjoy it!

Let me know if you like it, and I'll hook you up with free copies/ARCs of what's coming next. My email is on my site, linked in the book. It's also got a sign-up in the back for ARC reviewers.

Happy reading!

message 4: by Stacy (new)

Stacy | 15 comments Awe you're so welcome! Happy release day! I'll definitely let you know.

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